AirHub Joins Forces With Web Manuals to Aid Advanced Documentation Capabilities for Drone Operations


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AirHub Joins Forces With Web Manuals to Aid Advanced Documentation Capabilities for Drone Operations

Dutch drone software and consultancy company AirHub joins forces with Web Manuals to aid advanced documentation capabilities to their offering. AirHub supports organisations with integrating drones into their workflow in a safe, efficient and compliant manner through its online SORA tool, LUC manuals, drone operations center and ground control apps. In addition, AirHub provides inclusive operational support from essential training advanced enterprise consulting.

With Web Manuals, AirHub is taking the next step in providing its customers with high-quality EASA and FAA compliant Operations Manuals, Safety Management Systems and LUC Manuals. Web Manuals enables AirHub to more quickly and effectively edit documents, set up compliance connections, and distribute digitally through our reader application.

“Over the years we have supported hundreds of companies with setting up safe, legal and efficient drone operations. With increasingly complex missions and rapidly changing regulations and standards, Web Manuals solutions enable us to better support our customers” 

Stephan van Vuren, CEO of AirHub
Airhub LUC Manual

Operational Manual and Light UAS Certificate (LUC Manual)

All AirHub’s manuals are compliant with ISO 21384-3 (UAS – Part 3: Operational Procedures) standards. The support offered when setting up the Operational Manual include:

  • Organisational structures and responsibilities
  • Technical specification of drones and tools
  • Flight planning and preparation procedures
  • Normal, abnormal and emergency procedures
  • Maintenance and occurrence reporting schedules
  • Crew qualification and training requirements
  • Safety Management System guidelines

AirHub also offers Light UAS Certificate (LUC) support. While such certifications require no operational authorisation, LUC manuals permit agile processes around Safety Management Systems (SMS), Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA) and Compliance Monitoring.

“Providing our tool to the UAV segment is a natural next step for us. Starting in 2021, UAV organizations are going to need to meet similar demands as those manned aviation has operated under for decades. We have built a tool that is agile and capable of meeting the documentation needs of aviation organizations across the board – whether that be airlines or companies operating UAVs.”

Paul Sandström, Web Manuals’ Director of Operations for EMEA