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The Complete List of All Product Features

Below you’ll find short descriptions of all product features. For more detailed information, see the respective product pages or simply book a demo and let us show you!

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Table of Contents

Where all users access manuals

Unread Documents

All unread documents not opened or actively checked out of yet.

Operationally Critical Documents

All Operational Critical Documents to highlight the most important docs.

Latest Read Documents

A list of all latest read documents for quick access.

Documents to be Reviewed

A list of documents waiting to be reviewed and approved or rejected.

Tagged Documents

All tagged documents – either by yourself, an editor or an administrator.

Fully Customizable by Admins

All fields and selected information to be shown can be customized by admins.


Where users read published documents

Personal highlights

Mark text as highlighted. These highlights are personal and persist through revisions.

Personal Annotations

Make annotations together with the highlights. These can be used to navigate documents and accessed through a dynamic list.

Favorite Pages & Documents

Add specific documents and pages as favorites personal to a user role, making them easy to find and access. 

Navigate Linked Documents

Click on the hyperlink and go directly to the linked document.

Print with Watermark

Pages and entire documents can be printed with “Uncontrolled Document” watermarks.

Signed Approval

The signed approval from the authorities can be uploaded to a document, accessed as a PDF or via the LEP.

Revision Bars

All changes in a new revision are marked with revision bars. Easily navigate between revision bars as a reader.

Revision Delta

View changes by clicking the revision delta, showing exactly what was added and what has been removed.

Read & Remind Permission

Admins grant or force access to readers through read or remind permissions controlled in the permissions table. 

Active Checkout

Choose between three different checkouts. (1) simple open, (2) acknowledge doc, (3) quiz checkout.

Adding Comments

Allow readers to add comments to the document owner. Can be turn offed or restricted to certain users.

Change Requests

Allow readers to submit change requests to improve future revisions. Can be turned off or restricted to certain users.

Disable Printing

Admins can turn off the ability to print documents. 


Use powerful search functionalities to quickly access specific information. 

Cloud Based

Everyone always has access to the latest revision.


Access can be restricted to certain documents depending on user role.

Navigate pages when reading and reviewing documents

Navigate Between Changes

Jump back and forth between pages with revision changes.

Navigate to Changes With Comments

Jump back and forth between pages with changes that have comments.

Navigate To Comments

Jump back and forth between pages with changes.

Navigate to Pages & Chapters

Allows you to move to the previous and next pages.

Navigate to Linked Documents

Click on the hyperlink and go directly to the linked document.

Navigate by Clicking Links

Click on a chapter on ToC, cross-references or other links to jump to the related page.

Navigate to First/Last Page

Click and go to first or last page.

Navigate to Next Page

Like in a Word or PDF document, simply scroll or click “Previous Page” or “Next Page” in the navigation tool.

Compatible with Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Class 1 & 2

Consistent Functionalities

The reader application offers the same functions as the reader as well as the same navigation tools as the desktop version.

Operationally Critical Documents

Connect operational critical documents to specific roles. Admins control which documents to display and if they should be automatically downloaded.

Signed Approval

The signed approval from the authorities can be uploaded to a document, see approval as a PDF or via the LEP in the compatible  Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) Application.

Personal Highlighted Text

Text can be marked as highlighted, these highlights are personal and persist through revisions.

Personal Annotations

Make personal highlights and annotations. These can be used to navigate documents and accessed through a dynamic list.

AD Login

If the customer is connected to an AD for controlled login, then this can be utilized for app login as well.

Push Notifications

Send out push notifications to device holders for certain documents.

Send Announcements

Send customised notifications and announcements to certain user roles from the admin. 

Document Deletion Prevention

Set up the app so documents can not be deleted either one by one or in bulk.

Pinned / Tagged documents

Pin documents in categories and shown on top of the app for easy reader access in the same way as the reader dashboard.

Favorite Pages & Documents

Add specific documents and pages as favorites personal to a user role, making them easy to find and access. 

Download for Offline View

Download documents in the app for offline viewing, personal to specific user roles. Controlled by admin. 

Where users edit manuals, the back bone of our system allowing you to save up to 80% of your time


Same functionalities as a basic Word document. Bold, Italic, Tables, you name it, we got it. 

Minimum Equipment List

The Minimum Equipment List (MEL) widget allows for an easy setup of standardized MEL formatting.


The checklist widget allows for a quick and easy setup of checklists with a standardized structure.

Standardized Document Design

Designs are set up by the administrator, supporting a standardized documents, while still being able to design pages.

Styles / Section Skins

The standardized design sometimes need a bit extra work. We help create extra styles or section skins that effect only small parts of the document.

Adding Pages

The ability to easily add additional pages. The Editor is a page-based software. This means that you manually control the amount of pages in the document.

Page Overflow Warning

A red warning bar at the bottom of the overflow page highlights the content that exceeds the page margins. Move content to another page by one click.

Module Based Control

Content is controlled in modules for easy handling, and smart modules take care of the repetitive work.

Revision Delta

Be able to see exactly what has changed on a page by clicking a revision delta, this creates a new view that shows exactly what was added and what was removed.

Manage Page Structure

Allows for an easy page overview of the entire document, and includes easy page movement, addition or removal.


Export web document and specific pages as a Word-file or PDF format. More formats are available. 

Document Types

Document types are predefined settings for documents being created, this way all of your documents use the same standard settings.

Revision Archive

Shows a complete list of published revisions and allows for a view of how each revision looked when it was published.

Audit Log

Gives a complete list of changes applied to the document ever since the document was created.

Revert Pages

You can revert pages to previous revision if necessary.

Revision Number & Date

Revision numbers and dates update automatically on revised pages.

Task List

Tasks can be applied to the document, assign to readers, admins or editors.

Compliance Connections

Link requirements to specific heading in your documents by adding a controlled compliance connection.

Cross-References / Link Monitoring

View a full overview of all links in the document, and a warning if the link targets are changed.

List of Latest Edits

View a list of the latest edits applied to a specific document.

Check Functionality

Displays warnings that need to be reviewed before publishing (e.g. uneven numbered of pages in manual/chapter, overflow, outdated modules).

Reviewer Log

Displays a complete list of the reviewer comments.

Controlled Review Release

Allows for whether editors and reviewers have access to the document.

Controlled Publication

Publication will automatically notify readers with access. You can also choose to generate a PDF when publishing. 

Automatic Revision Bars

Revision bars are automatically added to a new change. 

Search & Replace

Document-wide search and replace function.

Full Control of Readers

A complete overview of which reader has read the document and when. 

Spell Checker

In-document spell checker function that checks and underlines incorrect spelling of words in the document.

Page Labels

Create labels that can be applied to pages and chapters in your documents. Each label can be customized by clicking on the expand arrow. 

Automatic Page and Heading Numbering

Page numbering and headings stay updated automatically.

Manual Heading Numbering

Enter headings and chapter numbers to manuals manually if needed. 

Dual Language on the Same Page

Allows you to have two different languages on the same page with the same heading number and title.


Apply already created definitions to your document. Select a definition to apply to your document from the complete definitions list. When hovering over the selected definition in the document, a pop up will show with the description of the definition.

Expiring documents

Documents can be set to expire and on a set date. The document can then send warning emails to the owner regarding the expiration.

Automated Modules allows for updated content throughout revisions

Smart Module:

Select content as an abbreviation to show the definition on mouseover. View abbreviations as a list via a smart module, always up to date.

Smart Module:
Change Log

A complete list of applied changes to the document can be applied as a list to the document including the editor comments, always up to date.

Smart Module:
Compliance Connections

A module that shows all compliance connections applied to the document.

Smart Module:
Content Mirror

A module that can mirror content from a different page or even page in another manual. When the content is changed in the original manual, it changes in the module as well.

Smart Module:
List of Effective Pages​

List of Effective Pages (LEP) that stays automatically updated.

Smart Module:
Quiz Check Out

Create quiz answers for readers before being able to mark the document as read.

Smart Module:
Revision Summary

List of revisions that stays automatically updated.

Smart Module:
Table of Content

Shows all headings in the document. All chapters can be expanded and headings can be filtered.

Smart Module:
Cross references

The Cross reference module allows for a dynamic list of links to the referenced documents or pages.

Smart Module:

The ability to create customized diagrams. Read more about diagram editor here.

Smart Module:

Insert a customized form into your document. For example, used for flight occurance form.

Smart Module:
Front Page

Stylized and clean front page for your documents. Displays the document name and chapters.

Smart Module:

A Smart Module that shows either all definitions used in the current manual or in the entire organization’s definition list, presenting definition keywords and the complete description. 

Smart Module:
Customized Modules

Customize your own modules! Useful for static content that reappears throughout the document.  For example, used for static footer notes. 

Where users streamline collaboration and make sure the correct revision is published and distributed

Customize Workflow Steps

Different departments and individuals, internal as well as external, can be added to the workflow to fit your needs.
(For the Essentials Plan & Starter Package only 3 non-customizable workflows are available).

Email Notifications

When a document or page is put into a new workflow step, users that are assigned to review the change will be notified automatically.

Requires 4-Eye Approval

Increase security to enforces that at least two person to approve the page through the entire document flow, from start to end.

Locked Pages When not in "Draft"

Only pages that are put in the “Draft” step of the workflow are editable.

Accept Changes

Moves the page into the next step of the workflow.

Deny Changes

Denies the changed page. Comment for the change denial must be added.

Required Approval by All Reviewers

This setting requires at least one person from each role/user type to approve before the page can be moved to the next workflow step.

Required Password

This is a very rigid setting that if activated forces all users to type in a password to transfer a page from one workflow step to another.

Where internal reviewers and external auditors review manuals

Approve or Reject on a Page Level

Approve only changed pages, and get a clear overview of the pages that still need to be reviewed.

Approve Multiple Pages

Approve a large amount of pages with a few clicks if that is needed.

Review Log

Get a complete overview of who has approved pages.

Review Comments

Be able to add comments on specific part of pages. These comments are stored as reviewer comments.

Controlled Reveiwer Access

Through role based setup reviewers can be granted access to only approve certain documents.

Review Bars

All changes in a new revision are marked with revision bars. Easily navigate between revision bars as a reader.

Revision Delta

View changes by clicking the revision delta, showing exactly what was added and what has been removed.

Where users connect regulations to manual sections and get notifications if changed

Subcribe to Existing Libraries

Ability to subscribe to a range of available controlled compliance libraries offered by Web Manuals by contacting us or through the store.

Self-Created Libraries

Import self-created libraries into the system but would have to maintain and update these independently.

Connect Headings to Requirements

Link requirements to a specific heading in the manuals by adding a controlled compliance connection. The requirement name will be displayed under the heading in the manual.

Mark Requirements as N/A

Requirements that are not appliable for the user can be marked as N/A.

Add Task / Assign Requirements to Users

Requirements can be assigned to different users to mark the responsible person for each relevant requirement.

Mark Requirements as Documented

Mark requirements as documented to filter and display the remaining undocumented requirements.

Mark Requirements as Reviewed

User can mark the documented requirements as reviewed and completed.


Warnings appear for outdated compliance connections.

User-Specific Notification of New Library Revisions

Responsible users are notified of new revisions of the libraries with warnings appearing on the compliance library.


Display all changes that have taken effect between the previous and new revision by highlighting the new/old content. A list of deleted requirements is also available.


A full list of the requirements displaying the owner, compliance conncection location, revision and comments.

Export Feature

User can use the export feature to extract the full list of requirements into an excel file.

Print Compliance Libraries

The full list of requirements can be printed.

Where users create forms that can be applied to the document portal or document pages

Export Entries

Entries applied to forms can be exported to excel for further use.

Multi Page Forms

If the form is longer than one page, the form spread over more pages.

View All Entries

View a list of all form entries submitted by users.

Create Report

Create reports with visual graphs showing submissions and statistics.

Form Fields
Text & Text Area Input

Allows for submitter to insert content in a single-line text field. Text Area Input Allows for the submitter to insert content in a multi-line field.

Form Fields
Radio Button

Allows for single choice from a list.

Form Fields
Check Box

Allows for multible choices to be selected from a list.

Form Fields
Drop-Down List

Allows for single choice from a list.

Form Fields
File Input

Allows for the user to upload a file with the form answers.

Form Fields

Allows for the user to submit a rating choice defined by the form creator.

Form Fields
Text Box

Allows for the form creator to insert text information in a static box.

Form Fields
Workflow Status

Allows for the user to select a workflow status from a workflow.

Form Fields
User Select

Allows the user to select a user from the active users list.

Form Fields
Number Input

Allows for a user to insert a only numbers as a response.

Form Fields
Date Input

Allows for the user to insert only a date as a response. 

Form Fields

Automatically take in data from number fields and can process the numbers in a defined way. 

Form Owner

Form owners receive email notifications whenever a form entry is created.

Submit Control

Set up to allow only one or more entries to the same form, often used for surveys.

Notify Submitter

The form can be set up to send an email to the submitter with the answers.

Where users create diagrams and workflow charts applied to both documents and the document portal

Diagram Links

User can create links to another web document, file document or external source, inside the diagram.

Controlled Module

The existing diagram module in a manual will need updating when the diagram has been edited.

Where administrators and editors access the system

Customizable View

Customize what is displayed on the dashboard for readers & editors respectively. 

Last Edited Documents

An overview of the last edited documents.

Unread Documents

Displays all unread documents not opened or actively checked out of yet.

Support Tickets

All active and previous support tickets and conversations.


Links that are outdated and compliance connections that are outdated. 


Displays all documents in the review workflow stage. 


Documents that recently have been published and are queued to be sent out.


How many documents have been read, including sent reminders, by users. 

Expiring documents overview

Documents that are set to expire will show up on this dashboard item when the document is about to expire.

Expiring documents setting

Where users control and customize the system

General Settings
Time Format

Set the time and date format, as well as the time zone for the entire system.

General Settings
Spellcheck for Different Languages

Enable or Disable spellcheck for: Danish, Dutch, English (American, British or Canadian), Finnish, French, French (Canadian), German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese Portuguese (Brazilian), Spanish, and Swedish.

Document specific spellcheck can also be turned on / off.

General Settings
Email Templates

Allows you to activate automatic emails by template or fully customized content.  It also allows you to schedule emails at your time of choice. 

General Settings

Controls which users can access the support function.

User: Settings

Allows for the admin to change: company logo and login screen background, define standard document languages, what data columns should be visible on documents and dashboard, as well as control what functions users have access to on the dashboard like user settings and change password.

Reader: Pages

Allows the admin to customize the information and content available to the reader dashboard.

User: Information

Allows the admin to define what information can be applied to a user and what should be visible for the user.

User: Security

Allows the admin to define password expiration increments in days, how many failed logins are allowed and if strong password should be enforced.

User: Types

Define what user types should exist and the general access of editors.

Documents: General

Allows for the admin to define if extra navigation buttons should be available in the reader, the text connected to empty pages and uncontrolled documents. As well as defining if it should be possible to remove change bars, delete archived documents, export to word and if all content additions to a revision should be highlighted at all times, and more.

Documents: Tags

Allows for documents to be tagged with customized labels, so they can be shows on the dashboard in the tag view.

Documents: Editor

Allows for the admin to define what buttons should be available in the editor tool bar.

Documents: Layouts

Select what layouts should be available for the documents A4, A5 and so on.

Documents: Structures

Choose what page structures should be available for documents.

Documents: Designs

Create design(s) available for editors.

Documents: Modules

Choose which modules should be available to editors.

Documents: Custom Modules

Choose which modules should be available to editors.

Documents: Page Labels

Create labels that can be applied to pages and chapters in your documents.


Documents: Document Types

Settings that apply to all documents of a document type: control reminders, warnings, design, print, print with / without watermarks, workflow, header, revision & numbering format, as well as what information about the document is available to the reader.

Documents: Workflows

Create and manage workflows, the processes that documents needs to go through in order to be edited, reviewed, approved and published.

EFB: Security

Set the amount of time for which the user session will stay active on the EFB. It also allows you to disable the log out option while the device is offline.

EFB: Role Configuration

Select the categories that contain operationally critical documents and should therefore be downloaded automatically on the EFB as soon as users log in. Configure by role so different operationally critical documents are downloaded automatically for different roles.


Compliance Libraries: General

Manage all the settings of your compliance connections.


Get reports of user activity, read documents, notifications sent, etc. 

Customer Portal access

Admin has access to the customer portal.

List of Abbreviations

A complete list of all abbreviations defined in the system and allows for the definitions to be changed.

Export Document

User can export .word and .pdf documents.

Roles & Permissions

Full role based control through the creation of roles and connection to categories via read or remind permissions.

Manage Users

Control user accounts. Users can be added, filtered, edited, inactivated, archived, and have their passwords reset.

List of all Devices

An overview of all devices that are connected to the account, all downloaded documents and operational critical documents available on each device. Remotely send push notifications, announcements, refresh documents, and wipe all data from devices.


Allows connections for Sign-on Providers and Web Manuals Public APIs.


Allows for admins to see all emails that the system has sent out and if they were successfully sent.

Settings for Definitions

A complete list of all definitions defined in the settings, allowing for key sentences to be defined and a full definition to be connected to it in your manuals.