Newsletter Julia Larsson Q2 2021


Nature is flourishing and it’s all green and blooming outside – the smell of summer has arrived in Malmö, Sweden! When plants and trees are

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Partner News - Preflight & Speur Aviation

New Partners during Q2 2021

We are happy to welcome to our Partner community: Preflight and Speur Aviation! Duly trained on the Web Manuals product, these new Sales Agent Partners can help you

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New Members Q2

New Members during Q2 2021

Amer Mulic Sales Department With previous experience in construction, influencer marketing, and web-development industries with a focus on sales and business development. Amer now helps

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We Need to Take the Lead!

Every industry was unprepared for the coronavirus pandemic, despite many prior warnings and signs of what could come. The aviation industry was no exception, and

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New Year, New Spark!

The past weeks have been that time of the year when you reflect upon last year’s achievements, challenges and events. 2020 will be a year

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