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Write Aviation Manuals Simple Editing, Full Control

To edit and write aviation manuals has never been easier. Experience easy online collaboration, controlled authoring and automatic modules.

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Controlled Authoring

Online Collaboration

Revision Tracking

Smart Modules


Simple Editing, Full Control

“Web Manuals allows us to save hours and hours of work for each revision. We save up to almost 70% of the time we used to spent on all of this before we introduced Web Manuals” – Compliance Monitoring at CityJet

Controlled Authoring

Set a standardized document standards for all manuals. Edit by sections to control formatting and page overflow.

Online Collaboration

Work with several people in the same document at the same time from anywhere in the world! No more sharing files back and forth. 

Revision Tracking

Let the system keep track and report amendments with tools such as revision bars, change log and revision summary.

Smart Modules

Don't waste time on formatting. Choose between 12 smart modules such as automated LEPs and MELs when you write aviation manuals.


The Most Popular Smart Modules


Create cross-references between manuals and show dependencies in the most agile manner. Attach a list of all cross-references in your manual to comply with aviation regulations.

Content Mirroring

Upgrade how you write aviation manuals with content mirroring.
Connect manuals with identical information to never make duplicate amendments again. 

Change Log

Instantly insert a change log with all of the latest amendments to your revision specified. These changes are also reflected with revision bars throughout your revised pages. 

Minimum Equipment List

Add a standard formatted Minimum Equipment List table within seconds. No need to waste time formatting with our MEL smart module and responsive column widths. 

List of Effective Pages​

Instantly insert a change log with all of the latest amendments to your revision specified. These changes are also reflected with revision bars throughout your revised pages. 

Revision Summary

Automatically create a record of revision with all the latest revisions and its dates listed, as requested by authorities when you write aviation manuals. 

Smart Modules

Focus on What Matters When You Write Aviation Manuals

We believe quality people should do quality work. No more spending time on:

  1. Keeping track of list of effective pages (LEPs)
  2. Formatting minimum equipment lists (MELs)
  3. Creating cross-references between manuals

The automated smart modules lets you focus on the content related to your expertise instead of wasting time on editing details.

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Smart Module

List of Effective Pages

With Web Manuals, you can create automatic List of Effective Pages by by simply dragging the smart module into the document. The LEP is automatically generated based on changes in the revision. Its design is standardized by default but can be easily customized. 

Smart Module

Minimum Equipment List

Format a Minimum Equipment List, as set out by the authorities’ recommendations, with only a few clicks. The MEL columns and rows are automatically adjusted, keeping the design clear and structured at all times. Adding more rows is quick and easy.

Smart Module

Cross Referencing

Cross-referencing when you write aviation manuals with Web Manuals is effortless. Turn a reference into a link and navigate the reader straight to the referenced manual, chapter, or page. Insert a full list of cross-references in your manual with our smart module.  

The Forms Manager

The Most Powerful Way To Create Forms When You Write Aviation Manuals

Easily create, distribute and submit forms to front line employees.

Customize Forms


Offline Submission

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Template Manuals

No Time To Write Aviation Manuals From Scratch?

We also offer a variety of different template manuals such as: 

  • General Operations Manual (GOM)
  • General Maintance Manual (GMM)
  • Minimum Equipment List (MEL)
  • Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

All customers can easily access these through their customer portal. Template manuals can be added within any pricing plan. 

Browse Web Manuals Store to see all available template manual options.

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