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Web Manuals Pricing comes in three different feature plans - tailored to fit all sizes and types of operations.

Annual Payment
Monthly Payment

Annual Payment - Up to 20% Discount

Essentials Package

Get started with Web Manuals.
Exactly what you need to stay compliant.
2000 $/€ Annual Payment
  • 5 Readers included €4 per additional
  • 2 Editors included €90 per additional
  • Compliance Library€100 per month
  • Delivery Project: Essential Onboarding
  • Initial Term: 1 Year
  • Payment Term: Annually
  • Payment Method: Credit Card


Ensure that you reach full control, compliance and agility in your operation.
From 110 €/$ per month
  • Reader€7
  • Editor€110
  • Delivery ProjectAdditional €
  • Initial Term: 3 Years
  • Payment Term: Annually
  • Payment Method: Invoice


Enable powerful collaboration and integration while gaining volume cost savings.
Contact Us for more information
  • Reader €7
  • Editor€160
  • Delivery Project Additional €
  • Initial Term: 5 Years
  • Payment Term: Annually
  • Payment Method: Invoice

Choose a plan that fits your needs!

Our all-in-one document management system is available for everyone. Explore the various options before you buy Web Manuals.
Web Manuals pricing plans are tailored to fit any and all sizes and types of operations.  Compare all features and make sure it fits YOUR needs!

 Essentials PackageProfessionalEnterprise
Number of Compliance Librariesup to 2UnlimitedUnlimited
Number of Documentsup to 50UnlimitedUnlimited
Number of Editorsup to 5UnlimitedUnlimited
Number of Readersup to 50UnlimitedUnlimited
SupportLocal time zone support24/524/5
Reader App for Web Browser
Reader App for iPad and Windows
Diagram Editor
Standard Workflows
Configurable WorkflowsInternal, External and Uncontrolled
Collaboration Tools   
Comments from Readers
Change Requests from Readers (Tasks)-
Custom Document Design1 design, 3 header/footer options
Custom Settings   
General (Time, Language, Email templates)
User (Security, User information)
General, Editor, Layouts, Structures, Modules
Page Labels-
Document Types1 option per workflow
Notification system-
Email Archive-
Power Designer $200
Document Designer-Included
Custom Modules-Included
Power Workflow $200
Forms Editor-Included
Compliance Library Workflows (Rev/Doc)-Included
Power Connections $300 
OKTA Connector-Included
Azure Active Directory Connector-Included
LDAP Connector--
Web Manuals Open API--
Web Manuals Store Products   
Compliance LibrariesPricing per ProductPricing per ProductPricing per Product
Connectors-Pricing per ProductPricing per Product
Content and Templates-Pricing per ProductPricing per Product
Services-Pricing per ProductPricing per Product
IT and Compliance Services   
Public Test Realm--
Automatic Backup Retrieval--
Backup Validation Report--
Technical Support (API, Connectors)--
Automatic Compliance Statement--
Annual Compliance Report-
Availability Reports-
-Not available for this price plan
Included at no extra cost

ATO Discount

Training the Next Generation of Pilots

ONLY €2 per-user, per-month

Reader Licenses for Approved Training Organizations (ATOs)

With the unlimited knowledge, experience, and technology available for the next generation of aviators, the focus on safety and quality is greater than ever before.

The future of aviation depends on digital tools to help the students learn, retain information, and focus on their core tasks. By giving fast and specific access to interactive documentation through our reader app, Web Manuals empowers the students to focus on what matters.

To support this development, Web Manuals Pricing offers all Approved Training Organizations (ATOs) a discount on readers.

Approved Training Organisations (ATO) Discount for Web Manuals
"Pilots all over the world are enjoying easy manual access. We think aspiring pilots deserve the same quality (if not better)."
director of operations paul sandström, aviation startup campaign
Paul Sandström
CRO & Director of Operations


After You Purchase Web Manuals

We offer delivery workshops to get your system implemented and content transfer to get your manuals imported for an additional cost. Click below to find out more.

Delivery Workshops

We help you get the system implemented. This project includes a Structure Workshop where our experts will guide you through the system. We help you to set up your workflow processes and more.

Content Transfer

Our content transfer services help you convert your current documentation into the Web Manuals standard format. Do it yourself or purchase our  service to convert all documents for you!

We are ISO Certified

Rest assured, Web Manuals holds several certifications including ISO certification for quality management, software life cycle processes and information security management.  

Partners Services

Our partners provide leading subject matter expertise in all areas of aviation. Browse the Web Manuals Store to find out which partner services can be of interest to your implementation. 

Web Manuals store

Explore Partner Services and More Web Manuals Pricing

Web Manuals Store allows users to easily add compliance-related products and services to support their document management system. 

Subscribe to compliance libraries, purchase template manuals and request services such as managed manuals and compliance linking.

Browse Store to find out more Web Manuals pricing. 

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