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Web Manuals is making aviation training easier for flight schools by streamlining the learning process for future pilots, giving fast and specific access to correct information and providing page interactivity.

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Certificates for your students

Elevate your student’s CV and Resumés to the next level. The newer generations expect digital tools to help them excel in their core tasks. Our features make working with manuals and staying compliant a thing of the past. By booking and completing a training in Web Manuals, we also offer certificates. Read more about what kind of training and certificates we offer. – The Web Manuals Academy.

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Training the Next Generation of Aviators

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With the unlimited knowledge, experience, and technology available for the next generation of aviators, the focus on safety and quality is greater than ever before.

The future of aviation depends on digital tools to help the students learn, retain information, and focus on their core tasks. By giving fast and specific access to interactive documentation through our reader app, Web Manuals empowers the students to focus on what matters.

To support this development, Web Manuals offers all Approved Training Organizations (ATOs) a discount on readers.

Approved Training Organisations (ATO) Discount for Web Manuals
"Pilots all over the world are enjoying easy manual access. We think aspiring pilots deserve the same quality (if not better)."
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Paul Sandström
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Flight Schools Around the World Choose Web Manuals

Discover why Web Manuals is the ultimate solution for Approved Training Organisations in our customer stories below. 

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Flight Schools Currently Using Web Manuals

The World Changes Fast – Flight Schools Need to Change Fast Too

Over 20 flight schools are currently using Web Manuals to manage their documentation. 

Among these are Lund University School of Aviation (LUSA), Horizon Swiss Flight Academy, and Flugschule ARDEX.