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Aviation Compliance Libraries

Web Manuals enables automatic Aviation Compliance Monitoring. When you are not compliant, you will get notified immediately!

What are Compliance Libraries?

The Web Manuals Compliance Libraries allow you to connect regulations to your manuals. In other words, you can create live links between procedures in your manuals to individual rules, regulations, and aviation standards. If any regulation is changed, you will immediately receive a notification. Additionally, you will also receive an alert on the chapters or pages that now have to be updated.


Because the system automatically monitors your manuals, you will never have to read through an entire manual to search for out-dated aviation compliance again. Our aviation compliance rules and regulations are kept up-to-date by our fantastic partners


With the Web Manuals Compliance Libraries, you can rest assured knowing your operation is in full compliance with EASA and FAA regulations, as well as IBAC standards.

Connect Regulations

Create controlled links between regulations and paragraphs. No more excel sheets to keep track of regulatory compliance.

Get Alerts and Notifications

Get alerts whenever there is a change in a chapter or the compliance regulation. The system keeps track of linked regulations.

Stay Compliant & Reduce Risks

Web Manuals enables you to keep your aviation manuals up to date. The system also reduces the risk for errors and mistakes. 

Save Time on Compliance

The compliance libraries system offers efficient regulatory monitoring and compliance check.

You can now automatically stay up-to-date with regulatory changes in the aviation industry.

The Web Manuals Compliance Libraries automatically keep your manuals compliant. Below you find three of the main reasons that make this feature awesome. Connect regulations to manuals, Monitor changes, and make Amendments. 

Connect your regulations to a chapter

With just a few clicks, you can connect your aviation compliance regulations to your manuals. You can also create live-links to any kind of documents, like PDF for example.  When you create a live link, you can also select which header your regulations should connect to.  

You are able to quickly monitor your documents. The system automatically alerts you if something has changed and must be reviewed. 

The system alerts you when something is wrong

After you have connected your aviation compliance regulations to your documents, Web Manuals alerts you in case something is wrong. For example, you get an alert if a connected chapter has been edited, a heading is missing, your manual is archived, or if the regulation has changed. 

Check regulatory changes and make amendments to your manuals

Web Manuals regularly updates its compliance libraries. Whenever there is a regulatory change, you will receive an alert for any connected manual. You are able to see the exact changes between the new and latest library revisions.

Watch this 30-Minute Webinar about the compliance libraries!

Get an overview of how the entire system works

Find out how our Compliance Libraries system works in detail, check out The Challenge of Staying Compliant webinar by our Sales Executive, Tobias Nilsson. Click on the image to the left to go straight to the webinar. 

Our available Standards and Regulations.

If we are missing any Standards or Regulations that you are looking for, please let us know! Our goal is to have a solution for any Aviation related Standard or Regulation.

Compliance Library                Included sub-partsAdditional material included
Part Air CrewPart-ARA, Part-CC, Part-DEF, Part-FCL, Part-MED, Part-ORAFCL: GMs
Part Air OperationsPart-ARO, Part-CAT, CS.FTL, Part-DEF, Part-NCC, Part-NCO, Part-ORO, Part-SPA, Part-SPOARO: detailed AMC splitting
CAT: detailed AMC splitting
NCC: detailed AMC splitting
NCO: detailed AMC splitting
ORO: detailed AMC splitting
SPA: detailed AMC splitting
SPO: detailed AMC splitting
Part M Part CAMO, Part CAO, Part ML 
Regulation (EU) No 376/2014  


Compliance Library Description and Information
FAR-Part-5 Safety Management Systems
FAR-Part-21 Certification Procedures For Products And Articles
FAR-Part-43 Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance, Rebuilding, And Alteration
FAR-Part 61 Certification: Pilots, Flight Instructors, And Ground Instructors
FAR-Part 91  General operating and flight rules
FAR-Part 107 Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
FAR-Part 117 Flight and Duty Limitations and Rest Requirements: Flightcrew Members
FAR-Part 119 Certification: Air Carriers and Commercial Operators
FAR-Part 121 Operating Requirements: Domestic, Flag, and supplemental operations
FAR-Part 125 Certification and Operations: Airplanes having a seating capacity of 20 or more passengers or a maximum payload capacity of 6,000 pounds or more
FAR-Part 133 Rotorcraft External-Load Operations
FAR-Part 135 Operating Requirements: Commuter and on Demand Operations and Rules Governing Persons on Board Such Aircraft
FAR-Part 137 Agricultural Aircraft Operations
FAR-Part 142 Training Centers
FAR-Part 171 General Information, Regulations, and Definitions
FAR-Part 172 Hazardous Materials Table, Special Provisions, Hazardous Materials Communications, Emergency Response Information, Training Requirements, And Security Plans
FAR-Part 173  Shippers-General Requirements For Shipments And Packagings
FAR-Part 175 Carriage By Aircraft
FAR-Part 178 Specifications For Packagings
FAR-Part 179 Specifications For Tank Cars
FAR-Part 180 Continuing Qualification And Maintenance Of Packagings

Compliance Library

Included sub-parts

For unlisted parts, please check with the Web Manuals team. 

Flight Ops

Part 91
Part 121
Civil Aviation Order 20.9
Civil Aviation Order 20.11
Civil Aviation Order 82.5

Air Crew

Part 61 (MOS)
Part 142


Part 42
Part 42 (MOS)

Approved Maintenance Organizations

Part 145
Part 145 (MOS)
Part 66


Part 139 (MOS)

Part 92

Dangerous Goods Manuals

ATSR (2005)

Security Regulations 2005

Compliance Library Included sub-parts Publisher
OTAR-Part 39 ASS
OTAR-Part 43 ASS
OTAR-Part 91 ASS
OTAR-Part 125 ASS
OTAR-Part 145 ASS
Compliance Library Included sub-parts Publisher
ARGUS Audit Standard ARGUS International
IS-BAO Audit Forms IBAC

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