Business Aviation 2021: Web Manuals For A Smart and Digital Recovery

business aviation 2021 smart and digital recovery

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Business Aviation 2021: Web Manuals For A Smart and Digital Recovery

2020 was a tough year for all of us, especially for the industry in which we operate. All flight operators have been affected one way or another, be it airlines, cargo, corporate or commercial.

Yet, business aviation’s resilience and perseverance during these times have been upliftingly promising. Many leaders have successfully employed crisis management, attracted new customers and adopted new ways of working. Further indications show how business aviation 2021 continues to embrace change and use this time of crisis to improve for the better.

Web Manuals, as a provider of aviation technology with most of our users falling under business aviation, recognize the importance to encourage a smart and digital recovery. This is how we see our solution propel business aviation 2021.

Smart Recovery

The crisis pushed the industry to its safety limits with fewer resources and smaller margins. Now, is the time to “build back better”, as the industry has phrased it so perfectly.

Now is the time to take control of your compliance, prepare all future revisions and structure all documents to be able to meet the growing demand without the headaches of manuals. Those wasting time on updating MEL’s and having lengthy audits for new AOCs will fall behind the competition by next year. As the market recovers, it is up to you to give your operations the best conditions to thrive in the next year.

Investing in software optimised for aviation documentation is the best way to take control of your compliance and ensure a smart recovery.

Digital Infrastructure

Web Manuals support users to quickly structure editing, reviewing, distribution and compliance monitoring of operational documents. Providing smart and digital infrastructure is the core of our business. By having a digital infrastructure of documentation, business aviation leaders can ensure that aircraft get off the ground and up the air quickly, pilots can have ready access to updated information and operations remain compliant at all times.

Most importantly, our digital infrastructure is built up by years of user feedback collected at numerous user conferences. With over 350 customers worldwide, Web Manuals is built for aviation professionals by aviation professionals.

Business Aviation 2021 - User Centric Development
Go Digital User Conference 2019

Operational Excellence

We all strive for operational excellence. Yet, crisis management and time away from operations might cause the skill base of aviation to become secondary. Web Manuals support human capital by:

  • Allow qualified aviation professionals to focus on tasks related to their expertise
  • Offer employees reliable access to specific information – anytime, anywhere
  • Promote continuous edits and reviews of aviation manuals
  • Make sure that information is read by requiring checkouts and quiz
  • Control the information flow with distribution reports

We also offered free compliance training to unemployed pilots and aviation professionals to support human capital in the industry and give the affected an opportunity to upskill and stand out when job-searching. Please reach out to us in case you are interested in accessing the pool of candidates for business aviation 2021.

Agile Systems

One of the cornerstones of Web Manuals has always been agility. Our document management system carries aviation professionals through a document lifecycle with customized workflows to make document editing and compliance management as agile and controlled as possible. The document lifecycle and standard workflow include:

  1. Monitor Compliance
  2. Edit Manuals
  3. Review Revisions
  4. Publish Instantly
  5. Control Reports

More than that, we realized, when focusing on a smart and digital recovery for business aviation 2021, control and agility need to be the main focus. The aviation industry has time and time again proven to be contingent of third-party infrastructure and connectivity to be as agile as possible. That is why our partner community is the foundation in our strategy of aviation technology, documentation and compliance. Our recently launched Web Manuals Store makes it easy for our users to purchase services, products and other support from a third-party community in a controlled way.

Fair Pricing

We offer fair pricing for business aviation 2021 with a per-user, per-month pricing model. That means you only pay for what you use. Users can be easily added or removed, same goes for compliance libraries and other regulations/certifications you comply with in your manuals. Those only needing the very basics can start with our starter package and those who want more flexibility can go with the professional package. Larger, more complex operations are recommended to explore the benefits of the enterprise package.

As we offer only the software, our solution is more affordable, smart and digital than many other solutions. We provide a system to digitize processes, while you still control the content. That will say, we do not change any of the information but rather streamline the editing process through automated content formatting, smart modules and revision tracking. Try it out yourself, but our clients testify, this makes revisions faster than requesting a revision from a service provider in many instances.

Combine the pricing model with our pricing packages, our system is made for a 1 fleet operations as much as the 200 fleet operations. Especially, during a smart and digital recovery for business aviation 2021, we are proud to offer the most affordable document management system for aviation professionals for all levels and sizes of flight operations. And if your operations have replaced conventional aircraft with electrically propulsed aircraft, we offer yet another 50% as we believe in both a smart, digital AND sustainable recovery for business aviation 2021.

A Smart and Digital Recovery For Business Aviation 2021

To conclude with the words of Ed Bolen, President of NBAA, as reported to Aviation Connected Today:

“I believe 2021 will be the year in which business aviation closes one of its most difficult chapters, looks toward new horizons and leverages opportunities on every level – just as we have always done.”

Business aviation 2021 is the time to embrace change, invest in technology and focus on a smart and digital recovery for better times ahead.

If you reach out to us, we are happy to give you a return on investment specific to your operations and explain further how Web Manuals support smart and digital recovery for business aviation 2021.