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Read, Review and Audit Aviation Manuals without having to send countless emails back and forth.

A more structured and easier reviewing processes - even for aviation authorities.

Reading and reviewing aviation manuals is easier than ever.

The Web Manuals Reader allows for swift navigation, highlighting, commenting, and reviewing of aviation manuals. The user can view all changes by quickly navigating between changes. Any employee who has been set up with an account via the Web Manuals administrator can read and review documents.

In the web-based reader, your employees can read and review all the aviation manuals they have been given access to. The reader is accessible through any supported web browser. This allows for a wide array of options in device choice.

The Review function enables each user to read and review individual pages that are awaiting approval. Easily add highlight issues and reject or approve changes. With the Review function, your audits will be seamless and much more time-efficient.

Document Management System - Reader & EFB

Swift Navigation

View all document changes quickly by using the track change button. Your team can read and review all the aviation manuals to which they have access.

Highlights & Annotations

Make personal annotations and highlights in your documents that remain throughout revisions.

Review Aviation Manuals

Send approvals, rejects, or comments on proposed changes back to the editor on an individual page basis, not the entire document.

Customized Workflow

The review process is fully customizable. Different departments and individuals can be added to the workflow to fit your needs.

Navigate between changes

With one simple click, you can navigate between changes in the latest revision. Changes are highlighted by revision bars. Clicking the delta sign at the top reveals more information about the change. For example, what has changed and comments.

Change and delta icons for revision. web manuals enables writing aviation manuals

You navigate between changes by pressing the delta button on the navigation bar.

User Comments and Highlighting


You can easily and quickly comment on the document. When the editor starts a new revision, they will see all user comments in one location. After that, editors can update the manual as needed.

Highlights and annotations

Users can make annotations and highlights that are saved to their individual copy. These are accessible at any time on any device. 


Your annotations and highlights will also survive revisions. If the page or section is removed you will receive a notification.

The Review Process

Pages can be approved or rejected by reviewers. To deny a page, you must leave a comment explaining the reason for rejection. For instance, this can be used by any Aviation Authority and allows you to keep the whole reviewing process in one system. When accepting a page, there is no need for a comment, but you can always leave a comment. 

You need to correct all denied pages to complete the review. Only changed pages are sent to the reviewer for the next approval step. When you approve a page, the page goes to the next stage of the reviewing process. Furthermore, when you suggest a change, it is saved as a “change comment.” These comments are visible to the Editor

Review Aviation Manuals

Custom workflow

Document changes can be approved, rejected, and commented with a full audit trail.


Web Manuals offers tailored workflows with e-mail notifications. This ensures a structured process for reviewing aviation manuals. Most importantly, it becomes much more safe and efficient to review aviation manuals.

Approve and Deny changes

Users that are granted reviewer access can also approve, deny, and comment on proposed changes in a document.

You approve or deny changes for each page individually. Denying a single page saves the effort of reworking the entire document. You can only deny a change by leaving comment. This way, you will have a full overview of which modifications were made and why.

Save time at audits

Auditors can review aviation manuals in the system directly as a last step for approving the newest revision. There is no more need for sending PDF or print copies back and forth. 

Electronic Flight Bag - EFB

Our software is compatible with EFB Class 1 and 2. Specifically, the apps are available on Windows, Apple iOS devices, and soon Android devices.

The Customizable Workflow

The Web Manuals workflow allows your organization to review aviation manuals in a structured process. Anything in this workflow is customizable depending on your organization’s structure, needs, and preferences. For instance, you might need approval from different departments before sending the document to the Aviation Authority.

Changes can be approved or rejected by a user with reviewing access. Most importantly, pages can not be edited or changed while they are in the reviewing part of the workflow. As an admin, you can set which users should have access to review pages and push them from one step to the next in the reviewing process. You can use this for different users, roles, departments, or the Aviation Authorities.

Web Manuals Apps and EFB solutions

Our apps can be used as a class 1 & 2 Electronic Flight Bag (EFB). Available on Windows and iOS.

The Web Manuals Apps are easy to use and work great on an EFB

Access to all files on your Tablet

The Web Manuals reader app is used in the same way as the desktop version. You can access any PDF or other file types that have been added to Web Manuals and Cross Linking between your documents still works the same way. 

In Web Manuals version 8 you will also be able to review documents in the same way as the desktop version.

Area of application

Our apps are widely used across the aviation industry. For example, by crews, maintenence technicians, pilots, flight schools, UAV operators and more.

web manuals reader app on electronic flight bag viewing categories
web manuals reader app on electronic flight bag viewing document

Electronic Flight Bag - EFB

Our software is compatible with EFB Class 1 and 2. Specifically, the apps are available on Windows, Apple iOS devices, and soon Android devices.

Offline Mode

The Offline Mode enables you to always have access to any document that you download. Operation Critical documents are automatically updated as soon as your device has an internet connection – this way they always stay up-to-date. This goes for any document type.

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