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About us at Web Manuals

“The Web Manuals relationship doesn’t feel like the classic formal client/supplier relationship, it feels like your family. It makes working with them so much more relaxed.” - Transavia Netherlands

We are Web Manuals

Come with us on a fantastic journey. Our cloud-based service is the standard tool for easily digitizing manuals. The majority of our customers are small to mid-sized flight operators. With us, we hope they become more successful, safe and happy.


The Web Manuals users have helped us build the software you see today. Our customers’ feedback and improvement suggestions have made sure the product reflects the needs of the aviation community.


We can offer an easier editing and distribution process. With us, you can create a digital home for your manuals.


The Web Manuals values are leadership, responsibility and enthusiasm. This means that we:

  • lead by building a culture we want to be a part of
  • commit to high standards and make space for the freedom to create
  • find our spark when we make human interactions better


You are most welcome into the Web Manuals community. The community is centered on our customers and because of this, we will only grow if you do too.

Our Vision

Being the world standard in digitizing manuals for the aviation industry.

Our Mission

Simplifying the digitizing of manuals to enhance control, compliance and agility.

Our Purpose

To enhance our clients’ success, flight safety and happiness.

Our Story

Web Manuals started with a goal: to focus on document tools for the aviation industry.  We wanted users to gain control over their edit and review cycles. The goal was also for users to be able to show staff how their work was affected by aviation rules.

Becoming Web Manuals

Web Manuals grew out of Tibet Server AB, which also offered IT products for companies with high demands. The Tibet customers worked in aviation as well as in other sectors, but they all needed a product they could trust. The team that started Web Manuals used the knowledge from Tibet Server. With this they built a product that could meet the specific needs of the aviation industry.

Expanding Overseas

Web Manuals crossed the Atlantic in 2014 when we added Web Manuals Inc. It became our branch to focus on the largest market in aviation: the USA. Within weeks, Web Manuals Inc. signed its first client and partner.

Building Knowledge

There have been a few different company names before Web Manuals.  It’s maybe enough to say that we have been working on the technology we use today since 2002. With the help of our clients we have been able to improve.

Together, we have made the product better than we could ever have dreamed on in the early days.

From the feedback we get, we have given our customers peace-of-mind. We have made their lives easier by giving them a safe and agile system to work in. This is most notably during the open innovation sessions at our yearly event GO DIGITAL. During GO DIGITAL, you as a customer get to decide what feature we develop next.

We have come far, but we are far from finished. If you like our product now, we would love to hear what ideas you have for it in the future!

web manuals employees holding letters on the beach

“It is rare that a software company is so close to their customers.

The Web Manuals relation is nice, reactive and efficient.“

- Let's Fly
Picture of Martin Lidgard Web Manuals CEO

Martin Lidgard

Founder and CEO

Web Manuals CTO Richard Sandström

Richard Sandström

Founder and CTO

Web Manuals Paul CRO

Paul Sandström

Chief Operating Officer, and
Director of Operations EMEA

Web Manuals Director of Operations Americas

Krister Genmark

Vice President of Sales

Picture of Adriana from Web Manuals the Finance Manager

Adriana Sava

Director of Finance

Web Manuals Employee Experience Manager

Magnhild Owman

Director of Employee Experience

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Our Social Impact

The Web Manuals Foundation

At Web Manuals we feel the responsibility of having a positive impact on the global community and of contributing to the betterment of society. We express such commitment through the Web Manuals Foundation, which aims to create opportunities for education and entrepreneurship for young women in developing countries. Find out about the foundation's work and future opportunities.

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Do you want to be challenged in a growing environment? We are always interested in talking to new people who may one day be part of the team. Take a look at our open positions or send us an email. Let us know that you are out there!