Elit’Avia Evolves With Skylegs and Web Manuals

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Elit’Avia Evolves With Skylegs and Web Manuals

Written By Elit’Avia

Safety is our main objective and to achieve safety targets, we implement and conduct a data-driven, systematic approach when working with our Safety Management System. This kind of approach is paramount in maintaining a high level of control of the corporate risk level and enhance the safety and compliance of our operations. We conduct more than 100 internal audits per year, and we are within the 1% of all business aircraft operators simultaneously holding accreditations for safety and operations management of IS-BAO level III, Argus Platinum and Wyvern Wingman.

Elit’Avia has point-to-point access to destinations worldwide, including the US, Europe, Asia, Russia and Africa. It has also earned additional approvals from regulatory agencies that validate its operational excellence and further facilitate access to various jurisdictions. The total of Elit’Avia’s designations make it one of the best-accredited operators in the industry.

Elitavia is constantly evolving, adding additional services to fulfil clients’ requirements and establishing an internal policy for cyber security. With growth, eliminating human error and becoming more systematic is crucial. That is why we have chosen Skylegs and Web Manuals as software providers.

With Skylegs, we have upgraded our flight scheduling solution throughout the organization, achieving greater efficiency and improving processes with more advanced technology. All departments are able to work from any physical location, as the central cloud-based system can be accessed from computers or mobile devices, with no software installation required.

Skylegs is an essential platform in our organization as it offers a variety of API connections, which allow us a smooth and fast operation. For the future, we have adapted a step-by-step policy and our plan is to start using and integrating all the modules that Skylegs offers, such as Maintenance and Finance.

As a part of the continuous improvement, the decision to migrate to Web Manuals has been taken, which will allow Elitavia to have a more centralised approach in document control as well as manual editing. One of the Web Manuals’ key features which Elitavia plans to fully utilise, is the possibility of linking the contents of Elitavia manuals to the regulation requirements, such as EASA AIR-OPS, along with IS-BAO and Argus standards for which Elitavia holds the certifications.

Once the compliance linking is set, Web Manuals notifies when regulations change and where amendments need to be made in order to further eliminate human error. When manuals are edited, a controlled workflow is followed to streamline cross-departmental collaboration. This will be of particular importance as EASA releases new cybersecurity regulations for all European operators within the coming years.

In today’s connected world, aviation technology continues to prove its importance. With these investments, Elit’Avia progresses as one of the best-accredited operators in the industry.