Web Manuals Announces Partnership with Australian Avinet & Air Maestro Integration

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Web Manuals Announces Partnership with Australian Avinet & Air Maestro Integration

Avinet is an Australian company specialising in aviation software solutions.

Its primary product, Air Maestro, is used by almost 300 operators in more than 48 countries. Customers operate in a range of sectors including aeromedical, charter airlines, aerial fire, fighting in agriculture, and others.

Earlier this year, Web Manuals and Avinet chose to form a partnership to facilitate easier document management for regulatory requirements.

“After reviewing the Web Manuals application and meeting the team, Avinet formed the opinion that our customers could benefit greatly from a relationship between the two organizations. Our products are very complementary, with Web Manuals application offering a document management and authoring solution for the aviation industry that we believe is run rival by any other software of its nature.”

Air Maestro includes a range of modules from fatigue management, currency tracking, scheduling, to SMS, all in one combined application.

“We believe that the integration between the Web Manuals and Air Maestro products will result in greater efficiency for our mutual customers. We are very excited to work together to deliver these outcomes in the next few months.”

To celebrate the launch of our new partnership, we are offering all Air Maestro customers free access to Web Manuals for a limited period of time.

About Avinet & Air Maestro

Avinet was founded in 2005 from the desire to create an application to assist crew with meeting that their regulatory requirements. The company had identified that many operators at the time were still using whiteboards and paper-based systems.

Although cloud computing was in its infancy, we decided to develop a web-based application to assist with this endeavor, Avinet was founded with the belief that data could be consolidated into one application that would provide greater visibility and proactively prompt crew of critical information.

Initially focusing on rostering currency management, flight, and duty recording, and FTL management, Air Maestro as a product was launched.

15 years later on Air Maestro is used by fixed-wing, rotor-wing, and medical operators across the globe and encompasses 20 modules.

To find out more about our partnership and our current campaigns, please visit https://webmanuals.aero/air-maestro.