Air Maestro + Web Manuals

Edit, Audit and Distribute Aviation Manuals

Air Maestro has chosen to partner with Web Manuals to facilitate easier document authoring. To celebrate the launch of our new partnership we are offering all Air Maestro customer free access to Web Manuals for a limited period of time.

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Our Partnership

A Greeting from Air Maestro

Listen to Air Maestro’s presentation from Go Digital 2021 and learn more about the benefits of our partnership. Together we offer our customers the best system for aviation documentation. 

Freemium Offer for AirMaestro Customers

The Freemium period includes essential onboarding with a Web Manuals project manager and training in admin and editor tools.

  • Start right away – with free Licenses!
  • For any AirMaestro customers
  • Essential onboarding included
"Asia Pacific offers many opportunities and I’m looking forward to forging long-term relationships with both our existing and new clients and partners.”
Emil Ahlgren
Web Manuals Asia
Director of Operations

Freemium Package

Get started with Web Manuals.
Everything you need to stay compliant.
  • 5 Readers or Reviewers included
  • 2 Editors included
  • 1 Compliance Library(Limited Time)*
  • Delivery Project: Essential Onboarding
  • Contract Term: Until 31st of December**
  • Payment Method: Invoice

Watch the Air Maestro Webinar On-Demand

Join Emil Ahlgren, Web Manuals’ new Director of Operations Asia, for a demonstration of the Web Manuals product and a question-and-answer session. 

The webinar demo touches upon the following:

  • How to create a new revision
  • How to edit a document
  • How to work with compliance in the documentation library and monitor regulatory changes
  • How to make use of automatic modules

The All-in-One Document Management System for Aviation Manuals

Simple & Efficient. Experience the modules that enable you to focus on writing.

Create live links between your aviation manuals and compliance regulations.

Reduce mistakes. Ensure that everyone always has the latest revision.


Automate your tasks with our smart modules

Add a List of Effective Pages or Format a Minimum Equipment List, as set out by the authorities’ recommendations, with only a few clicks. These are just a few of all the amazing features that our editor is capable of. 

Web Manuals is used across all of the Aviation and Aerospace industries, including Drones and UAVs.

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Using Web Manuals, the revision process has been cut to three or four days. The owners of a manual are able to go to the system right away and change the content within the manuals themselves; and that is all that needs to be done. The rest is completed digitally and automatically. 

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