What’s new? – A sneak-peek at the new and improved Web Manuals 8

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“Web Manuals 8 is the biggest and most ambitious update that Web Manuals has ever received! We have reworked everything to make the whole system much more user friendly. The design is cleaner, the loading is faster and the new possibilities are endless.”

Richard Sandström, CTO

Web Manuals is proud to give you a small preview of what’s to come. After several quarters of development, we are finally glad to show you the new Web Manuals look as well as some of the new features. We can assure you that everything has improved in terms of user experience, accessibility, and traceability.

We hope that you will enjoy the system as much as we do.

Faster Loading Speed and Lower Bandwidth

Everything is faster!

One of the core improvements to our system is that all loading now takes a fraction of the time, compared to before.

  • Smoother user experience on all devices.
  • Much lower bandwidth usage. 
  • Documents are now cached, this means that everything is loading much faster.

A clearer Document Management System

The idea behind Web Manuals Version 8 was to make it as user-friendly as possible. Everything has been re-designed to be more clear and more accessible. 

A lot of thought went into accessibility and clarity. As a result, Web Manuals 8.0 simply looks amazing. It’s easier to navigate the software – we hope that new users, therefore, will have a milder learning curve and an overall simpler experience with Web Manuals. 

As an Editor, when you click on a file you now directly enter the document. You can start editing right away. The Web Manuals Editor itself has also received a complete makeover to make it easier for you, and new users.

Don’t worry – all other meta-information about the document is still here. At the bottom left of the new Web Manuals Editor, you can still find data. You might also have noticed that you can now track unsaved changes. This is because now all changes are saved on the whole document – not just on a page basis – pretty much like Word or Google docs works. Now you don’t have to wait for every page to save individually before you can continue editing.

Scroll through your manuals

No more searching for the correct page – simply scroll through the document!

One of the most requested improvements was being able to scroll through your document. We are happy to announce that in Web Manuals 8, this is now the standard. You can view and edit several pages at once.

You still have full control over your entire document and its’ design. Each page can still be edited on an individual basis. When a page has overflow, you still decide if the content goes to a new page or the next page. This way your document will always be structured the way you want it to. 

Editing documents and controlling the design is even easier

All layout options, smart modules, and alerts have been made more easily accessible. Using your favorite smart modules still works as easily as before. Simply select a module and it’s added to your page.

Web Manuals 8 is Fully available on your phone

Web Manuals is now optimized to also fully function on your mobile device. Simply login through your smartphone’s browser. You don’t even need the app as long as you have an internet connection. Just log in through your customer portal and you can do anything that you can do on your desktop.

New Settings, new layout, and new functionalities

The System Settings have received a complete remake to give a better overview. 

New Web Manuals 8 System Functionalities now include

  • Easier-to-use email templates.
  • As an Admin, you can now add your organization’s own notes for your own Readers and Editors.
  • Add your own guides, documentations, processes and more to the Reader.
  • An improved search function that allows you to find users, roles, manuals, guides and more!
  • Your documents can now be tagged to improve search functionality.

Customizable Workflow

in Web Manuals 8, Admins can now get an overview of the customizable workflows more easily. Editing the workflows is now made simpler and clearer.

Add new integrations to Web Manuals

You can now see and browse the newest and most helpful integrations that improve your document management. This feature allows you to add more functionality to Web Manuals.

web manuals new partner integrations

Other great new features

  • All guides and tutorials (Quick Help), are now easily found when you enter Web Manuals
  • If you are an Editor or Admin, support can now be contacted directly through the system. Keep track of your tickets and answers.
  • Web Manuals will be available in English, Spanish, and French

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