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Editing and writing aviation manuals becomes much easier and more time efficient.

Simpler and more efficient editing of Aviation Manuals - Focus on your content!

The challenging work of maintaining and writing aviation manuals is simplified when using Web Manuals. The Editor allows an operator to write, revise, publish, distribute, and control their entire suite of documents. This minimizes the number of personnel working on aviation manuals – saving time while improving quality. Explore the many valuable features making this possible.

Document Managment System - The Editor

Automated Modules

Web Manuals has several automated modules helping you to create a TOC, LEP and much more within seconds.

Easy Online Collaboration

Make collaboration on common aviation documents an easy task. No more sharing files back and forth.

Workflow for Approval

Changes can be accepted, rejected, and commented with full audit trail, customized workflows and  e-mail notifications.

Easy-to-Use Forms Manager

Design Custom Forms by drag and drop. It’s easy to revise and re-publish forms.

List of Effective Pages

One of the Editor’s main features is the automated modules. With Web Manuals, you can create a List of Effective Pages by simply dragging the module into the document. Its design is standardized in all documents. The LEP is automatically generated based on all the information in the current revision and its design is standardized in all documents. Furthermore, the system keeps a record of all the changes along with which pages were modified.

Edit Aviation Documents with Ease

Focus on writing manuals

Writing aviation manuals has never been easier. You get to focus on the content, and our software will take care of all the nuts and bolts. This includes revision and heading numbering, revision bars, re-numbering of pages, and more.


Web Manuals provides an easy-to-use administration interface similar to popular applications such as InDesign.

Page balancing

Web Manuals alerts a user when the number of pages in a chapter requires adjusting. When preparing an aviation manual for publishing, the editor doesn’t have to balance odd and even chapter pages to ensure that a document prints correctly.

Minimum Equipment List

The Editor has several automated modules for managing and editing aviation documents. One of these is the Minimum Equipment List. With only a few clicks, you can create an entire list ready to be filled in. The columns and rows are automatically adjusted, which keeps the design clean. Adding more rows is quick and easy.

Manage Changes

Workflow Management and Revision Control

When working with a heavily regulated operational manual, different users must work together seamlessly. Role-based editing and workflow management are the tools to steer the production process while maintaining control and efficiency.

Track and Comment

As a part of the editing workflow, writers and editors may comment on changes as they are writing. This enables readers to be informed of why a change has been applied. It also informs other staff who may need information about ongoing work.

Automatic Revision Bars

Each modification since the last revision is highlighted with a vertical line. When clicked, it shows what exactly has changed in the document.  Comments that have been added to describe the change are also visible.


Modifications to text are highlighted with a a color, allowing readers to see where changes have occurred since the previous revision.

Workflow Support

All modifications to a page are logged with exact information about each change. It’s possible for writers and editors to keep an ongoing dialogue for each page with page-specific comments in the administration interface.

Changes Included in Reasons for Revision

The comments that describe the applied changes may be summarized along with page number, name of the user, and the date the comment was applied. This changelog is useful when preparing the distribution of a new revision to help readers find the changes relevant to themselves.

Cross Referencing

Cross Referencing has never been handier when writing aviation manuals. Turn a reference into a link and take the reader straight to the referenced manual, chapter, or page. Make sure your readers and reviewers stay informed and make audits more time-efficient with quick navigation through the documents.

The Forms Manager

Forms can be easily created, distributed, and submitted by front line employees using our powerful Forms Manager tool.

Easily Customizable

Editors easily design custom forms through just dragging and dropping fields onto the form area.

Collect Data on Forms

All forms can collect data. You can extract statistics on who has read which documents.

Offline Sync

It’s possible to submit data both via a web browser or offline using the Web Manuals Reader app for iPad/Windows tablets.

Electronic submitting of forms both online and offline

Published web-based documents may include dynamic forms that are linked to registries allowing submitted form data to be stored in a database.


When data has been sent to the server, notices are sent to the responsible administrator with crucial information about the submitted data.


It’s possible to submit data both via a web browser or offline using the Web Manuals Reader App, in which case the data is automatically synchronized when the device is back online.

All submitted data is available in the registry database

Electronically submitted form data is stored in a database with the option of integrating the data into a separate reporting system. 


The Forms Manager allows all submitted data to be analyzed with our statistics tool or exported to Excel.

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