Web Manuals 2022: A year for the books


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Web Manuals 2022: A year for the books

2022 has been a year of many challenges for the aviation industry. Despite the significant recovery from the pandemic, operators worldwide have had to additionally deal with critical situations caused by geopolitical tensions, inflation, and high gas prices.

Despite the many crises, the industry is on the trajectory to recover well and grow worldwide. We’re grateful that Web Manuals has been given the opportunity to support the community in getting back to business and welcoming new members on to the digitalization path.

Let’s review the most memorable events that have happened throughout the year.

Multiple occasions to celebrate

This year was a remarkable one for the Web Manuals family as we we celebrated our 10th anniversary. Together with customers, partners and employees, we commemorated the fantastic journey we have had since 2012.

For over a decade, we have been promoting digitalization within the aviation industry, helping operators to ease their documentation processes and in return, enhancing safety for all passengers alike. We have successfully built a strong community encouraging knowledge sharing between our customers and collaborations among partners.

Furthermore, we have had the honor of welcoming customer #500! This significant milestone is proof of the increasing need and relevance of digitalization within the industry.

Customer-centered activities

We launched the first version of the ‘World Tour’ –  a project aimed at strengthening the relationships we have built with our customers globally. For one week, our global employees embarked on the adventure of their lifetime, meeting clients face-to-face in all parts of the world. We visited, dialogued, and analyzed the priorities of more than 50 clients in 15 cities. The project proved success and helped us to gather relevant insights into our customers’ needs to further direct our product development.

In addition, we have released a new digital space where we can interact with our customers more closely this year. We have built a new Help Center which contains detailed ‘how-to’ guides for all users, explanatory videos, FAQ for Editors and Admins, as well as an interactive community forum.

Product enhancement

In 2022, we released a major system update, where we developed a new and enhanced interface with many novel features. We modernized the overall system and implemented various improvements to modules and compliance libraries which also means more menu options to design and edit documents better.

We are also releasing an upgrade for the EFB app which has been available in Open Beta, and will be fully pushed out to all customers at the beginning of 2023.

Growth and expansion

We had the joy of extending to new countries such as Antigua & Barbuda, Cambodia, Faroe Islands, Indonesia, Sint Maarten (Dutch part), and Slovakia.

Conquering new spaces is a clear indication of the strong trend toward digitalization around the globe. This is especially so in the Asia-Pacific region, where the industry is showing an accelerated recovery and expansion. We were thrilled to host our first Go Digital in APAC to support the growing community there and also to build a solid regional fellowship and boost collaborations among our customers. On top of that, we hosted the traditional Go Digital conferences for the America and EMEA regions

Eager to resume global events after lifting covid restrictions, our team joined 16 conferences in 2022. We reconnected and empowered the industry by covering diverse aviation sectors and needs on three continents.

We owe these achievements to the gained trust of significant stakeholders in the industry which has fostered our expansion to new markets and aviation segments. We’re looking forward to being part of events worldwide, reaching top landmarks, and addressing new challenges in 2023.