10 Years of Web Manuals – The Story of Our Fantastic Growth!

10 year anniversary

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10 Years of Web Manuals – The Story of Our Fantastic Growth!

The 22nd of March marks the 10th anniversary of Web Manuals. It has been a fantastic journey and we appreciate everyone who has been a part of it. Thanks to our outstanding customers, partners, and employees, we have come a long way in endorsing safer aviation worldwide.

From a modest workspace with a small and sharped team to a triple office international crew, Web Manuals has grown and evolved tremendously during the past decade.

This year’s celebration goes beyond praising the growth of a company that is driving digitalization in aviation. But it is also the commemoration of the challenges and achievements that have been developed in a community proud of a ground-breaking evolution.

Although we have changed in size and scope, our core remains the same: aiming for the best customer experience in aviation documentation. Our purpose is to continue to enhance our customers’ control, compliance and agility, therefore ensuring success, flight safety and happiness.

The Early Years of Web Manuals

The story began in 2012 when a small group of dreamers envisioned a better and simpler way to work with documentation in the aviation industry. With a strong first version of the product, they started easing operators’ documentation processes.

It took little time to see a positive impact on air operators regarding effectiveness at staying up to date with regulations and compliance. Even in the early stages, our Document Management Software solved critical problems in their daily operations and became a strategic asset to improve their performance.

Therefore, expanding in the Swedish market was the first step to gaining trust among the stakeholders and companies. We always knew that it was essential to be close to our customers, guide them in the process of digital transformation and provide them with support in every way.

Our dream of being close to our clients evolved into seeing our clients as members of our family. And we knew how to keep up the challenge of establishing connections with them, even in a growing international community.

Organic growth with customers in focus

The incursion into new markets has meant great challenges but also opportunities for our team. It has required a learning process, where it is essential to know the particularities of each region. Asia Pacific, for example, has its own rules and ways to work. Aviation regulations are not standardized around the globe and we need to support each unique way. 

However, our loyal customers and partners have supported us and have been with us every step of the way. Joined by experienced industry leaders and guided by their ideals, Web Manuals has built its growth on the collaboration of a large community.

One characteristic that distinguishes us from other companies is our dedication to putting customers at the center. Regardless of the size or location of the client, our effort is focused on providing customized services.

Each of the companies that choose Web Manuals get much more than just a product. We always do our best to deliver a group of services that boost our clients’ business development. We believe in the importance of offering quality services designed for your particular needs. At the same time, we take our time to get to know you and your organization.

This has created a community of enthusiasts that makes working with each other so much more fun and satisfying. We think that this relationship between us and our clients is unique and we cherish every moment of it. 

By discovering new segments that benefit from our product, it is a new opportunity to rediscover the potential of our development and of our team to adapt to the needs in new areas. With our customers’ needs and well-being in focus, we are ready to take on new challenges to improve ourselves and our product even further.

Product evolution: how you helped us improve

From the beginning, we felt the need to constantly improve the product. This has not changed. Developing high-quality software requires reinventing oneself to adapt to customer needs. For this reason, the evolution of our application has grown hand in hand with our clients and partners, who have guided our path.

Since the beginning, our product has been at the forefront of the needs of our customers but has been shaped little by little to provide more and better services. One great help has been the yearly Innovation Workshop at GO DIGITAL – where your ideas for future development come to life. Our customers’ feedback and ideas are directly applied to our system through the Innovation Workshop.

Each release of a new version has brought transformations that greatly impact daily operations and has reinforced our commitment to developing a comprehensive solution to industry problems. Your feedback is the key to further developing our product and making it even better, easier to use, safer and more exciting to work with.

Building a digitalized future

With our customers’ needs in focus and the ambition to become the standard for working with manuals in aviation – the future is brighter than ever. 

In our ambition to support the safest aviation operations, we have positioned ourselves before relevant regulatory entities as an effective tool to remain compliant. Many organizations aiming to get Air Operator Certificates have found Web Manuals a strategic and sometimes even necessary asset to increase their performance and achieve their goals. 

This is something that makes us truly happy and proud. We want to thank all of you for your support during this amazing journey. 

Let’s celebrate our previous achievements, our fantastic customers and partners, our amazing team, and let us make sure the next 10 years are even more awesome. Thank you all for reading and being with us!