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Nurturing Next Gen Aviation Startups with Freemium Package

Next Gen Aviation Startups Freemium Package Offer
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Nurturing Next Gen Aviation Startups with Freemium Package

Web Manuals recognises that the industry needs support in recovering from the pandemic and will be offering its freemium package to next gen aviation startups registered since 12 April 2020. This repeats a similar offer made last year.

Aviation start-ups can benefit their businesses post-pandemic with a three-month freemium package from Web Manuals, which digitises manuals for the aviation industry. The incentive is designed to support start-ups as they emerge from the most difficult year for the travel and aviation industries, due to COVID-19, and is a repeat of an offer first made available at the end of last year.

Web Manuals provides an all-in-one document management system which allows new companies to start out digital, by integrating all their company manuals online. In turn, this improves aviation safety and regulatory compliance by ensuring operating manual updates are distributed immediately, in addition to administrative cost savings for the business.

Next Gen Aviation Startups Freemium Package Details

Each start-up can assign five readers to the full package from Web Manuals Essentials plan. Companies can also choose two editors and one compliance library, with up-to-date aviation rules, free of charge.

Those signing up between 12 April and 30 September 2021 will benefit from complimentary onboarding, ensuring new customers can begin digitising documents immediately.

Next Gen Aviation Startups Freemium Package
Next Gen Aviation Startups Freemium Package

CEO Martin Lidgard says: “Web Manuals was once a fledgling technology start-up bringing something disruptive to the aviation industry, and innovation is still at our core. We see that the aviation industry needs support in recovering from the pandemic and therefore offer our freemium package to start-ups who have registered since 12 April 2020. In this way, we want to help build the aviation businesses of tomorrow. Providing free access to Web Manuals will help start-up operators get their initial approvals and certificates as quickly and easily as possible. This will leave time-poor entrepreneurs to focus on developing their offering for the industry.”

Users can opt-out by giving at least one month’s notice during the three-month freemium period.

Learn more about the freemium here or by booking a demo below.

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