Read, Review and Distribute Aviation Manuals Instantly

Distribute aviation manuals instantly with role-based permissions. Allow readers to easily navigate between changes and auditors to review within the system.

read and review in Web Manuals

Role Based Distribution

Navigate Changes

Approval Workflow

Faster Audits

read, review and publish your aviation documents. always have access to the latest revision


Read, Review and Distribute Instantly

“We absolutely love Web Manuals, it’s user-friendly and easy to manage from a small operation to a larger one. It’s scalable and doesn’t matter if we have 5 or 50000 persons reading the manuals.” 

– Finnbogi Karl Bjarnason, PLAY

Role-Based Distribution

Distribute your aviation manuals with one click. Manage read and review access with role-based permissions and send reminders.

Navigate Changes

Navigate between changes to identify revision amendments. Make personal highlights and annotations throughout revisions.

Approval Workflow

Control the documentation process by draft, review or final on a page or revision level. Review, approve and reject changes with comments.

Faster Audits

Let aviation authorities make audits within the system. Use dynamic compliance checklist with live links to your manuals for faster audits.

READER Highlights

Read Aviation Manuals With Ease

Change Requests

As a reader, you can quickly make comments or submit change requests on a page level. When starting a new revision, all user comments will show up as tasks for the editor. 

Highlights and Annotations

Users can make personal annotations and highlights that are accessible on any device and will stay through revisions.

Navigate Between Changes

By clicking the revision delta sign you can see exactly what has been changed as well as notes made by the author.

SMART reading

Navigate Between Changes

With one simple click, you can navigate between changes to identify and acknowledge amendments made in the latest revision. All changes are highlighted by revision bars. Clicking the delta sign at the top reveals more specific information about the change.

Change and delta icons for revision. web manuals enables writing aviation manuals

You navigate between changes by pressing the delta button on the navigation bar.


Review Aviation Manuals With Control

Approval Workflow

Approve or reject changes on a page level. All actions are stored with comments for full audit logs. Streamline the communication process with role-based email notifications.

Approval Letter

When receiving approval from the authorities, simply upload the approval as a picture linked on your List of Effective Pages and. You can also automatically create a transmittal letter.

Audit Checklists

Extract a full audit checklist to streamline both internal and external audits. This allows you to quickly navigate to the paragraph in which you show compliance for a specific requirement. 

SMART Review

The Review Process

Pages can be approved or rejected by both internal reviewers and external auditors. When rejecting a page, the reviewer must leave a comment explaining the reason for rejection. When you suggest a change, it is saved as a “change comment.” These comments are visible to the Editor as tasks and must be completed before the page can go back to the review once again. 


The Customizable Workflow

The Web Manuals approval workflow allows your organization to streamline your review process.The entire workflow can be customized to fit your organization’s structure, needs, and preferences. 

As an admin, you can set manage read, review and edit permissions and assign these roles to different steps of the workflow. External auditors from aviation authorities get free reviewer licenses upon request. 

DistributOr Highlights

Distribute Aviation Manuals Instantly

Instant Distribution

Distribute your manuals to users and devices with one-click either as a live-document or generate a PDF. Control that all users, devices and EFB apps have the latest version.

Role-Based Permissions

Manage role-based permission with agility. The various manuals can be given read, review or edit permissions based on user, roles or departments. 

Reminders and Reports

Send reminders to your readers if they have not read the aviation manuals. The admin can see who has read the manuals and produce reports by users and departments.

THE Reader App For EFB

Distribute Aviation Manuals to Frontline Workers

You can also distribute aviation manuals with our Electronic Flight Bag for Class 1 and 2. Download all operation critical documents to be accessed offline at anytime. Make sure all users and devices have the latest revision through the administrator.

Template Manuals

No Time to Write an EFB Manual?

Web Manuals Store offer a variety of different Template Documents, including the EFB Template. Some elements of the template are:

  • EFB Operational Forms
  • Operations Procedures for General Operations Manual
  • Aircrew Training Course Outline

The Store can be accessed through the customer portal . Template Manuals can be added to your system within any pricing plan.

Krister Genmark Web Manuals Document Management System

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