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Aviation startups launched in 2020 or later can use Web Manuals for free during three months to develop aviation manuals, receive your AOC and get aircraft up the air faster.

  • Use Web Manuals for free for 3 months
  • Start right away – with free licenses!
  • For startups in aviation registered 2020 or later
  • Opt-out with one month’s notice
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Our Commitment to Aviation Startups

To help the aviation community recover from the recent shutdowns, we want new initiatives and startups to get the best conditions when entering the market. Because of this, we offer our all-in-one document management system to any aviation startup registered since 2020 for free during three months.

  • Use Web Manuals for free for 3 months
  • Start right away – with free licenses!
  • For startups in aviation registered 2020 or later
  • Opt-out with one month’s notice

Sign up before September 30 2021 and get Web Manuals for FREE during 3 months!

Freemium Package

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Why Aviation Startups?

We want to continue supporting innovation and digitization in aviation startups, even if funds are currently difficult to get by. Therefore, we will offer our product for free (for 3 months) to all Startups that have emerged in 2020. No strings attached if you opt out one month before your freemium period ends. 

Nurturing Next-Gen Aviation Startups with Freemium Package​

Looking towards the future, we want you to be able to focus more on what you do best – flying. Proper document management can have an amazing effect on the future efficiency of your operations. One of our customers said it the best: “Qualified people should not be working on details that don’t matter. They should spend time on the actual content related to their expertise. Web Manuals helps us to accomplish this”.

Web Manuals brings agility, control and compliance to your new startup. Our goal is to start you of right from the beginning and of course to continue having you as a happy and satisfied customer throughout your growth and journey. 

"We will strengthen and support new aviation initiatives coming out of the ongoing global crisis."
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The All-in-One Document Management System for Aviation Manuals

Simple & Efficient. Experience the modules that enable you to focus on writing.

Create live links between your aviation manuals and compliance regulations.

Reduce mistakes. Ensure that everyone always has the latest revision.


Automate Tasks with Smart Modules

With only a few clicks, add standardized List of Effective Pages (LEP) or format a Minimum Equipment List (MEL). Focus your aviation startup resources on what matters!

Web Manuals is used across all of the Aviation and Aerospace industries, including new airlines and flight operations.

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“In the past we had many problems with our revision process. Our editors only made one revision per year. With Web Manuals they now make quarterly or even monthly revisions, which makes our documentation much more reliable.”

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