Navigating Efficient Compliance at Sjöfartsverket

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Navigating Efficient Compliance at Sjöfartsverket

The Swedish Maritime Administration Helicopter Unit – SAR (Sjöfartsverket in Swedish) started a pathbreaking digital journey in 2014 with the integration of Web Manuals, a Document Management System built for aviation. Karin Forsell, their Safety Manager and Compliance Monitoring Manager, recounts their transformative path with the innovative platform.

“In the beginning,” Karin recalls, “we had all the manuals in different programs, it was unstructured. So we chose to change because we wanted more structure and to make it more easy to comply with the different regulations.”

Choosing Web Manuals proved to be the beacon they needed. “We chose Web Manuals because it’s it makes it so much easier for everyone to work with. Editing a manual is so much easier now when you have the same layouts you can have a central function that monitors everything.”

The systematic and efficient implementation of the system ensured a smooth transition for the team. “It was very good that Web Manuals had a very structured way to implement the system. There was one person for the contracts, one person for training, and one for the Help Desk. So the structure made it really simple to implement.”, Karin explains.

Streamlining safety with full document control

Embracing all available services, including the compliance module, Swedish Maritime brought cohesion to their documentation, simplifying compliance, document control, and accessibility. “We have just started with the compliance module but we find it very efficient.”, describes Karin.

Accessibility took on new dimensions as hardcopy manuals became a thing of the past. “It’s been much easier to use the Web Manuals system so that has changed accessibility. We don’t use any hardcopy manuals anymore because we have the EFP app on our iPads.”

With streamlined document control and regulations linked directly to their manuals, Web Manuals has become a key tool to navigate the regulatory labyrinth. “It’s so much easier to comply with regulations with the document control, all of the acknowledgment, and it’s so much more accessible for the users.”

As Swedish Maritime continues setting high safety and regulatory standards, Web Manuals is proud to celebrate ten years of close collaboration. We are thrilled to witness their inspiring digital path and support their strong commitment to top operational excellence and efficiency.