Matternet Case Study: Drone Demand Drives Document Digitization


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Matternet Case Study: Drone Demand Drives Document Digitization

Matternet, developer of the world’s leading urban drone logistics platform, is using Web Manuals to digitize its regulatory documents and streamline internal processes, ensuring it stays ahead of the compliance curve as the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry evolves.

The partnership highlights Web Manuals’ continued expansion in the UAV sector, and points to the recent uptick in drone use – particularly during the pandemic – with shifts in the regulatory environment requiring more efficient document management.

Robert True, Head of Safety at Matternet, says: “Using the Web Manuals compliance library means we can link the most current regulations directly to our content and be alerted as they change, which enables us to plan for the future and collaborate with regulators more efficiently.

“As the regulatory environment for drone operators continues to shift and technology matures, Web Manuals will help us to scale our business while keeping compliance and safety as key priorities.”

Matternet With First Certified Web Manuals Trainer

With growing drone operations in North America, Europe, and Asia, Matternet has incorporated Web Manuals’ software into its internal procedures too, and in May this year, Robert True became the first fully qualified Web Manuals trainer in North America. The move has enabled Matternet to centralize internal processes and leverage the various capabilities of Web Manuals across the company.

True explains: “Through my training and our increased usage of Web Manuals, we discovered the software’s true capabilities beyond our technical publications. We are now using Web Manuals features to manage and control internal policy and compliance.

“We can see who has read a particular document, collect feedback from users within the document itself, and collaborate with external partners and regulators. It has completely transformed the way we work.”  

Krister Genmark, Director of Operations Americas at Web Manuals, adds: “Drones have proved invaluable, especially during the pandemic, and hold promise for fast and effective deliveries within healthcare, e-commerce, and humanitarian work.

“As the UAV industry gains traction, regulations in different regions around the world are being adjusted quickly, but never at the same time. It is therefore vital that more drone operators follow Matternet’s example and turn to a purpose-built digital solution, such as Web Manuals, to help manage their manuals and regulatory needs so that they can focus on safety as a priority.”

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