Sky-high Operational Excellence: Alpine Flight Service’s Journey with Web Manuals

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Sky-high Operational Excellence: Alpine Flight Service’s Journey with Web Manuals

Alpine Flight Service, an exclusive charter airline headquartered in Austria, stands as a beacon of excellence in the aviation industry, continually setting the bar higher for operational efficiency. Amidst their inspiring journey of growth and refinement, Bianca Hirzbauer, Safety and Compliance Manager at Alpine Flight Service, shares how using Web Manuals to enhance documentation management has made her job more structured and streamlined.

Alpine Flight Service’s journey with Web Manuals began in 2019, a pivotal time marked by a change in the Flight Operations management. Faced with the arduous task of managing manuals in traditional Word formats, the new leadership recognized the urgent need for a more efficient solution. The old methods, riddled with time-consuming revisions and cumbersome distribution processes, simply needed to catch up with the demands of modern aviation.

Bianca, who also excels in her role as Web Manuals admin and editor, reflects on the difficulties of the old systems, which made her job more laborious: “First for the distribution, which is rather hard to follow up, and secondly, just for the overall formatting issue.”

For Alpine Flight Service, the decision to adopt Web Manuals was not just a strategic move; it was a transformative one. The implementation of Web Manuals was surprisingly smooth. With the guidance of the Academy team and dedicated training sessions, they were able to seamlessly integrate the system into the operations during a downtime period.

Alpine evolves to efficient documentation

One of the most significant challenges faced by Alpine Flight Service was the perpetual struggle with formatting inconsistencies, exacerbated by the use of both Mac and Windows platforms. With Web Manuals, this headache became a relic of the past. The system’s intuitive interface and cross-platform compatibility ensured that documents remained formatted correctly and accessible, regardless of the device being used. Web Manuals provided them with the stability and consistency needed to support version controls seamlessly.

However, the benefits of Web Manuals extend further. For Bianca and her team, the real game-changer was the system’s ability to streamline the distribution and acknowledgment of manual revisions—a task that was previously a logistical burden. 

“It makes my life much easier to find the manuals and edit the manuals. Also, the List of Effective Pages or the Table of Contents, which was a huge amount of work, made my life pretty much easier.” Bianca explains.

Furthermore, the impact of Web Manuals was also felt in the realm of Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) management. Previously reliant on a patchwork of tools like GoodReader and Dropbox, Alpine Flight Service embraced Web Manuals as the all-in-one solution they had been searching for. The simplicity of distribution combined with the seamless integration of new changes transforms critical workflows into effortless processes.

Their transformation in such a short time has improved how Alpine Flight Service manages documentation and articulates distribution effortlessly. We are proud to support their commitment to top excellence and safety, and we are eager to conquer new safety standards in the aviation industry.