Aero-Dienst’s Guide to Aviation Innovation: Streamlining Operations


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Aero-Dienst’s Guide to Aviation Innovation: Streamlining Operations

Safety and compliance are at the core of aviation operations, where documentation processes can often be complex and time-consuming. However, Aero-Dienst, a leading aviation company, has successfully implemented a solution to simplify and optimize their documentation procedures – Web Manuals.

Matthias Lösch, Aero-Dienst’s Document Control Officer and EFB Admin, recounts his experience with adopting and utilizing Web Manuals. When he assumed his role in 2019, the system was already in place but not fully utilized. With the implementation of new standards, Aero-Dienst took the initiative to write their own manuals and categorize them according to specific aircraft types. By doing so, they significantly improved the accessibility and usability of the manuals for the flight operations department.

Complete digital transformation

Although initially faced with challenges when learning to navigate Web Manuals, the immense potential was soon realized. The system’s clear workflow and collaborative features made the editing and revision of manuals a breeze. Moreover, the ability to control user access to specific documents enhanced security and compliance measures.

“One of the best things is that editing is easy; you have a clear workflow, where people can collaborate and work together. And what you see is what you get, which means that the document you see online is exactly the same when you print it and that’s also what the pilot gets on the tablet,” explains Matthias.

Web Manuals offered them the advantage of effortless editing, creating links between documents within the system. The inclusion of smart modules, such as forms and abbreviations, further simplified the documentation process. Additionally, the digital table of contents and change block features proved invaluable tools for both editors and readers.

Matthias Lösch won the Community Champion Award during Go Digital 2023.

From the perspective of Aero-Dienst’s pilots and general users, Web Manuals has vastly improved their overall experience. The system’s intuitive interface and user-friendly navigation enable them to swiftly find the information they require, saving time and minimizing frustration. Furthermore, the ability to directly link to specific pages or chapters within documents facilitates efficient information access. The streamlined downloading process ensures that pilots always have the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.

Key in regulatory management

With the introduction of Web Manuals, the compliance management process became streamlined and automated. The system facilitated the effortless tracking of regulatory standards and ensured the documentation remained up to date.

Aero-Dienst excels in aircraft maintenance, operates ambulance flights worldwide, and provides corporate jet charters. Their ambulance flights, equipped with flying intensive care stations, exemplify their commitment to saving lives globally. With the integration of Web Manuals Compliance Libraries, keeping regulatory compliance to various regulatory standards, including the Commercial Air Transport Library, has become significantly easier. This is particularly relevant as Aero-Dienst have recently introduced the Europe’s first Challenger 3500 into their fleet, as well as they plan to expand their libraries and include Part CAMO and Part M in the near future.

This represents major improvements since having all documents readily accessible through Web Manuals during audits or inspections is a game-changer. “We can show all to the authorities within the system. They actually have an account on our Web Manuals site so they can log in whenever they want, they can see everything, there’s total transparency, and then if they find something that needs to be changed, they can contact us.”

Web Manuals as a Catalyst for Growth

Being the second-oldest commercial operator of aircraft in Germany (D-002 AOC), Aero-Dienst is dedicated to achieving excellence and high-quality standards. This means that Web Manuals plays a pivotal role in supporting Aero-Dienst’s growth and expansion as they continue to expand and aim to achieve prestigious certifications, demonstrating its commitment to excellence.

Aero-Dienst has more than 60 years of market experience with customers around the globe.

Overall, the incorporation of Web Manuals has had a significant impact on Aero-Dienst’s operations. The system has effectively reduced time consumption, improved time management, and elevated overall compliance standards. Furthermore, it has provided a comprehensive solution that not only meets their documentation needs but also enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of their aviation operations.

“It definitely saves time and has improved our time management. The system allows us to present everything we have for an audit or a ramp check; the pilot can show we have it all there. This makes us safer because there we have everything we need,” concludes Matthias.