Compliance updates Q4

compliance libraries updates q4

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Compliance updates Q4


Updates libraries:

  • Part-ATS
  • Part-ARA
  • Part-CAT
  • Part-ORO
  • New: Part-UAS
  • Part-SERA

New libraries:

Cover Regulation Air Crew
This part has been added to the Air Crew library.
As an admin, you can activate and add it to your current Air Crew library subscription by manually selecting it.

We now have the Unmanned Aircraft Systems library available!
Let your CS representative know if you wish to subscribe to this library.


  • FAR-Part–21
  • FAR-Part-61
  • FAR-Part-91
  • FAR-Part-107
  • FAR-Part-125
  • FAR-Part-171
  • FAR-Part-180

Other regulations

Updated libraries:

  • Part- OTAR-91
  • Part-OTAR-125