New Year, New Spark!


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New Year, New Spark!

The past weeks have been that time of the year when you reflect upon last year’s achievements, challenges and events. 2020 will be a year to remember in so many aspects, and the team at Web Manuals will partly remember it as the year we started the roll out of version 8. And throughout some very trying times, we are finally complete with the roll-out!

I know this upgrade has been bittersweet for many of you, and I am very grateful for your patience and for believing in us even in the most challenging of times. Without you, this journey would not have been possible. 

The team has also done a remarkable job in supporting, guiding, resolving and always going beyond and above to bring you value and impact.     

Reflecting back on what 2020 gave me, I felt true joy in the moments when the team got together and only saw the opportunities to tackle the difficulties. It was evident to me that we only managed because we had each other and we acted as one team, as one strong unit.

It is this kind of glow and spark that happens in interactions with, or in the presence of others, when you are in a safe atmosphere, that is worth fighting for. And I know you have also been a huge contributing factor in this. And for this experience I am very grateful. 

What are you grateful for? 

Psst: We have kicked off our new webinar series for 2021! Make sure you sign up for the next one, and check out the previous ones  on demand if you haven’t.

Julia Larsson
Customer Experience Manager