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Newsletter Julia Larsson Q2 2021
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Nature is flourishing and it’s all green and blooming outside – the smell of summer has arrived in Malmö, Sweden! When plants and trees are in their right element, environment, and get good conditions, they are truly thriving.

 I did a growth experiment myself, and below is the result of two identical tomato seeds planted on the same day, with different techniques and conditions. The left one was planted in soil and got regular exposure to sun and water, whereas the right has been cultivated in a semi-hydroponic system in a humid greenhouse. Throughout this process, the plants have not been more than three meters apart.    

Fascinating how relatively simple adjustments can have such a powerful impact! 

The tomato seeds are not the only thing that has grown since my last letter. The CX team has expanded with Flory and Justin in San Diego, and the team as a whole has gotten larger. Read more about our new employees in the Meet the Team blog post. What’s also exciting is that our worldly local coverage is expanding, enabling us to work closely and keep regular contact with customers and partners in various time zones. I am really happy to announce that our coworkers Emil and Sofia are relocating and launching our Singapore office by the end of summer. As new to the city, you are more than welcome to get in touch with them and to share your best tips and recommendations to optimize their experience in this company milestone! Your continuous support and cheering help us set up great conditions for the team to offer you even better experiences and positive impacts. I am convinced Sofia and Emil will – just like my right tomato plant – thrive in the new and humid climate, and thereby successfully ensure your digital journey of manuals.   

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