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product updates march

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Buckle up and join us on this journey to discover what’s new in this month’s Web Manuals product.

Improvements across the system

We’ve updated the functionalities in the compliance library when you unsubscribe libraries. Now we’re giving warnings on every level that these libraries are unsubscribed to make it more clear for all users that you won’t receive any updates to certain regulations anymore. 

We have also included a progress bar when you upload a PDF file in the editor/admin. Thereby you know that the PDF file is currently being uploaded, and you have an idea of how long it will take until the process is completed. 

We also added a new email template for our compliance library. This email template is meant to be used for internal libraries. So whenever you release a new internal library, the owners of that library will be notified so that they need to go in updates. 

Additionally, we changed the form title of the submittal email to include the form name in it. Now it will be much easier to know which form we are addressing with that specific email. It will also make the sorting and handling of the data a lot easier for you. 

Bug fixes

Previously when spinning tables, it would leave an incomplete row at the bottom of the first half. Now that row will now be cut off completely and correctly so your tables should work a lot better when they’re being split up. (Take a look at the complete list of widgets and product features)

An upgrade to Manage Users is that we fixed the sorting arrow on the user component on the role page. So now you can sort your users directly which should help a lot of people working with roles. 

In compliance, we fixed a bug that restricted admins to assign owners. Now even though it’s restricted, admins can assign ownership correctly. So those of you using that feature. 

In the Reader Dashboard, we have now made all the columns sortable and these should help all of you working in that reader dashboard to sort your data accordingly. (Learn more about the reader and reviewer perks)

And the last fix is regarding the change request emails. Previously they were sent out to archived users but now will send it only to active users and people who are supposed to receive them. 

Extra tweaks 

We have changed our security features with multi-factor authentication. Now, users logged in should be able to log in on the app without having to exclude Web Manuals from the MFA. 

Have you seen the latest video about the Reader App release? Check it out here!

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