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Definition tool

We are happy to announce that we have launched the requested definitions tool. It allows for a definition to be applied to a few words or a whole sentence.

How to access it?

In the definitions list from the main menu, definitions can be added and maintained.

Definitions can be added to a page with the definitions button from the toolbar

As with Abbreviations, hovering over the text will show the definition. Note that the yellow highlight will only be present to the editor and not to readers.

For an overview to the reader, the Definitions module can be applied.

And finally for a local overview of usage in the active document the definitions can be selected from the cogwheel menu to show the usage in the manual.

Additional improvements

  • Some more good news is that we have recently released the EFB bridge version.
  • A final highlight for this quarter is that we have been taking a step towards the new PDF generator by submitting its results in the revision archive.

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