Training Opportunities in Q2-2023


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Training Opportunities in Q2-2023

We are thrilled to share some great news!

Certified Super User training is back on track and we have a date for you. 

On the 25th of April, we will host an on-site Certified Super user training at our office in Malmö

This training will include great opportunities for you to upgrade your skills to a new level as well as prove to you and your colleagues that you are an expert in the system with your shining badge and diploma. 

Some topics that will be covered in the training are:

  • Import a word document 
  • Chapters + advanced settings 
  • General document settings 
  • Document Types
  • Publish
  • Tables
  • Modules settings
  • Page settings 
  • Compliance session

To register or if you have any questions please reach out to

Requirement: Editor training + 6 months of editorial work

Price: 900€

We hope to see you there!

Read more information here.

Training Opportunity in the US

With Go Digital right around the corner we are excited to announce the return of our Certified Super User Training! What does it mean to be a “certified super user”? Super users have mastered editor functionalities such as: 

  • Document import
  • Editor toolbar functions
  • Working with modulars

They will have also masters admin functionalities and concepts such as : 

  • Workflows
  • Document types 
  • Permissions

We look forward to seeing you there!