Training Opportunities during the next months

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Training Opportunities during the next months

This year we have adjusted the nature of our training opportunities into a more Covid-friendly format to allow us to continue to facilitate our training sessions to all of you.

For those of you who have been upgraded to version 8 and would like to learn how to navigate yourself through the new version, we offer a weekly training session on Tuesdays for our EMEA customers and every other Thursday for our US customers, where we present and highlight the differences between version 7 and version 8. 

As a customer, you are allowed single-time participation in this training session and we do recommend that your site has been upgraded upon attendance to gain optimal value of this session. To sign up for these training sessions, go to your portal or contact your project manager.

Cost: Free

Open online training sessions are now available in a new and improved format.
You will start off by watching a number of tutorial videos and thereafter you are welcome to join a presentation and live training in the system to show you how to navigate yourself in the system and how to use all system functionalities. 

To sign up for one of these training sessions, go to your customer portal and sign up there, or contact your CS representative.

Cost: $/€ 200

Don’t forget that you can learn more about all our functionalities in our free Webinars. You can access our on-demand webinars under the “Webinar tab” on our homepage or simply by clicking here.