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Vivi’s Support Advice – Tips and Tricks

This quarter I will show you one functionality that will be very helpful when importing your manuals: Convert abbreviation.

After importing your manual, Click on settings in the top right corner → Click on Abbreviations → Click on Convert.

This will give you two possibilities:

1. Create abbreviations:

The system recognized multiple capitalized letters in a row that could be created as an abbreviation. 

Click on the capital letters, write the definition of this acronym, and then Convert.

This will create the abbreviation that you will be able to find in the abbreviations modules.

2. Sync already existing abbreviations with your text:

This functionality will give you the possibility to sync your text with already existing abbreviations from your site without having to look through the whole document. For example, if SMS is a known abbreviation, then when the system finds Safety Management System within your manual, it will ask to convert it with the correct abbreviation, SMS.

Simply tick the box next to the abbreviation and click on Convert:

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