Product Corner Q2-2023

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Product Corner Q2-2023

Want to stay up to date with the Product team? This is where it happens! Read on to see what has been done and what happens next!

Summer is upon us! Strap in for a time spent covered in sunscreen sitting in the rain. This is also the time for our Summer sprint in our development team. Where we normally have sprints covering 2 weeks, during the summer we have a very long sprint spanning over two months. This is a time where our developers can focus on interesting improvements and R&D.

This quarter we have focused on solving bugs we have received through our support, improvements from the community forum and some of our long term projects like Word import and Site sharing. 

We were very happy to see the iOS Reader app for iOS released to the Apple app store. We then adapted the code for our Android Reader app which is currently in open beta. Please go and test it if you have an android device.

Note that the Reader apps are available for tablets of any size as well as phones. 

What has been done?

As mentioned, this quarter we focused on solving bugs, but we have also released smaller projects and improvements like: 

  • R&D for future projects
  • Improvements of internal tools
  • Server improvements
  • Better page numbering in modules for manuals with page number set to “n”
  • Documents can be sent to “unread” for readers without sending reminder emails
  • Better error messages for compliance import
  • Returning to a compliance library from a manual, will return you to the position you left
  • The compliance list jumping after expanding and collapsing has been removed
  • Files submitted via forms always have the correct extensions
  • Added font and background color for checklists, creating more styling options

As always I urge you to visit our help center and watch the release notes and release videos to stay up to date, and while we are on the topic watch our Reader app video describing all of the new features introduced.