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Partner Community & Store news

Let’s welcome new partners into our community and discover the new products available on the Web Manuals Store.

New members of the Partner Community

Are you struggling with a manual update about a specific qualification, or do you simply not have the time to update your manuals before the deadline? The Web Manuals Partner community keeps growing and evolving: the solution to your problem is probably there.

During the first Quarter of 2024, the Partner Team selected for you two new Partners: 

  • 54 Jets Aviation Consulting, Based in Germany, 54Jets has garnered a top reputation for its expertise in drafting operating manuals, adept project management skills, and tailored flight department structuring.
  • Aviarc is a Quality management and Audit specialist based in Melbourne, also able to optimize the use of our Partner Air Maestro.  

New regulations and templates available

Q1 has seen a great increase in use of compliance libraries. We are seeing more and more organizations preparing for the EASA Part-IS requirements.

With the new Price list published at the end of ‘23, we have seen a good increase of interest in regulations such as Part-IS, Occurrence reporting and AirCrew. 

Further to this we are exploring more partnerships to provide additional standards and regulations.

We have also seen a great interest in Template Documents. Drastically reducing the time needed to create a new manual, also coming with pre-set links to the EASA regulations.

Check the Web Manuals Store to get the full list of products and services available. If you feel we are missing something, never hesitate to reach out to