Meet the Team – New Members During Q1 2021

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Meet the Team – New Members During Q1 2021

Zmicier Vaskovich

Customer Success Associate 

Zmicier was born and raised in a big industrial town in the north of Belarus. Winters with -30C was a sad reality that definitely shaped his character. 

Zmicier has two master’s degrees – in Project Management of Innovations and Sustainability Science, which he has received in Belarus and Sweden respectively.

In his free time, Zmicier likes to play boardgames with friends, study Swedish history and behavioural psychology, collect tea, and read novels. 

Trang Le

Software Tester

Trang  was born and raised in Vietnam, a tropical country with a lot of good food. Before coming to Sweden two years ago, she was a member of the verification team ensuring the quality of in-vehicle infotainment systems. Working in tech for ten years in mainly open-source companies, she had a lot of opportunities to learn about other industries. She sees new things and challenges as exciting opportunities and aviation and SaaS technology are definitely among them. 

Karen Hovgaard 

Compliance & Legal Associate

Karen is a licensed lawyer in the Philippines where she practiced litigation and contracts law. Prior to that, she taught international relations at De La Salle University in Manila and contributed research in corruption and democracy.

She moved to Denmark in 2018 and worked for a SaaS company for pilot training. She’s thrilled to continue her aviation journey at Web Manuals,  where she combines both her legal expertise and aviation experience to help the company stay compliant.

She enjoys hiking, camping and canoeing and hopes to try flying someday.

Sandra Werner 

Service Desk Associate

Sandra was born and raised in Stockholm. She moved to Lund in Skåne in 2017 to start her first semester in criminology at the university of Lund, where she obtained a bachelor in Criminology and Sociology of Law. During her last year of studying she traveled to Brisbane, Australia for an exchange semester and learned how to surf (which is now one of her favourite things to do, abroad obviously).

Before her studies she lived in Dallas and in Boston, USA. She has also worked for TUI as a Guest Relation Host in Croatia. She loves to travel and live in different countries in order to really be a part of the culture. She loves to work with customers and service, which makes Web Manuals a perfect fit for her also given that she enjoys international environments and she also appreciates working in a business with high regulation and compliance due to her background in Law. 

In her spare time she loves to bake, work out, host dinners and surf when possible. She is very passionate about animal rights and LBTQ related questions and has taken part in planning the PRIDE festival in Stockholm  🙂