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Forgotten Feature: Overview of Pages

Web Manuals Forgotten Feature Overview of Pages
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Forgotten Feature: Overview of Pages

Did you know that while editing your documents you can get the full overview of its pages, their workflow status and much more? 

To access this overview, click on the overflow menu on the bottom left of the Editor. Choosing a view in the menu will open up a panel alongside your document. Here you can view the Page Structure or Table of Contents, and easily navigate through the pages of your manual.

Web Manuals Forgotten Feature: full overview of pages, workflow status and much more

Clicking on pages by warning shows you the pages of the document grouped by warning. This allows you to quickly correct any outdated cross-references or any warnings that need your attention.

If you need to add a compliance connection while working on your document this can also be done here on a document level.

If you can’t remember where you have made unsaved changes, simply click on Unsaved Changes and save them all at the same time.

Bonus tip! You can search for one or multiple words in the document and by clicking on the expand arrow next to the search field, you can access the Replace function, which allows you to search for a word and replace it with another in the entire document.

Web Manuals Forgotten Feature: full overview of pages, workflow status and much more
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