Meet the new Web Manuals team members

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Meet the new Web Manuals team members

We’re proud to present the newest members of our growing team. Let’ welcome:

Timmy Hanke – Junior Developer

I am a former chef that wanted to change everything I knew for the better and started a study called Intensive Code where you master the art of coding in 6 months. During my time I got the opportunity to meet two lovely people from Web Manuals and fell in love with their work ethics. Now the study finished and I was fortunate to get hired where I belong. Apart from coding I love long walks, cooking food, and painting. 

Sofia Clash – Academy Associate

I am from the East Coast of the United States and moved to Sweden in 2018, initially to study Human Geography at Lund University. During my studies I determined that I wanted to make Sweden my new home. I spend my free time cooking, reading, and hanging out with my dog.

With my decade of experience in the restaurant and service industry, as well as various mentorship and leadership positions within academia, the opportunity to join Web Manuals’ Academy Department was a new and exciting prospect that I am eager to explore! Despite the fact that I do not have experience in the Aviation Industry, Web Manuals appealed to me as a fantastic place to learn new things and develop skills in a new sector. I am excited to be part of the team!

Lia Ehnberg – Employee Experience Generalist

I’m originally from the north of Sweden, that after a couple of years in Norway and the US decided to study Human Resources, and moved to Malmö after finishing my bachelor’s degree in 2021. I have a general background in HR and is specialized within recruitment. In my spare time, I enjoy English soccer, hiking, yoga and meditation. I started working with Web Manuals and our Development Manager as a Recruitment Consultant through a recruitment firm – very exciting to now be working with a company that directly sparked my interest as a supplier a few years ago!

Nikol Zaharieva – Content Transfer Associate

I am a proud native of a delightful seaside town in Bulgaria. Growing up, I was always captivated by foreign cultures and languages, which naturally led me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Linguistics with a specialization in English and Korean. Driven by my thirst for exploration and my passion for fashion, I moved to South Korea, where I spent four unforgettable years and obtained my Master’s Degree in Fashion.

Recently, I took another leap and found myself settling in the picturesque country of Sweden. Determined to conquer my fear of planes and flying, I joined the exciting world of Web Manuals. 

During my free time, you’ll often find me engrossed in the pages of a book, or behind the lens of my favorite film camera. I’m also an avid language learner, always seeking to add new languages to my repertoire and connect with people from all over the world. Of course, I do face the occasional battle against my shopaholic tendencies, but I’m working on maintaining a healthy balance and resisting the urge to splurge excessively.

Russ Geraldi – Director of Operations Americas

After a long career in the US Navy, I’m looking forward to my next adventure – leading the Web Manuals Americas team!  I bring years of experience forming, training and leading teams of all sizes; plus organizational and strategic planning and communications.   I’m excited to join the growing global family that is Web Manuals.

When I’m not in the office, I enjoy the good life in Coronado, traveling with my family of five, exercise of various sorts and the great outdoors!

Aaliyah Arnold

Aaliyah is a dynamic addition to our team, bringing with her a diverse set of mastered traits and skills. With a belief that the evolution of many traits surpasses the power of one, she strives to continuously expand her knowledge and abilities. Aaliyah’s strength lies in her ability to understand and listen, valuing collaboration, and thriving in team environments. She is not one to shy away from taking initiative and readily adapts to new skills. Originally from sunny Los Angeles, she now calls vibrant New York City her home. When she’s not working, Aaliyah loves soaking in the city views and exploring the outdoors. She also enjoys having thought-provoking conversations, even if they’re a little controversial. 

Matthew Lyons

After completing my Bachelor of Arts Degree in the beginning of 2023, I wasn’t exactly sure where I’d end up. I’m happy I ended up working for Web Manuals! With a history of work in Quality Assurance, IT, and Customer Service, the Customer Success role I now occupy in our New York City office was a perfect fit. I’ve spent most of my life living in the New York/ Metropolitan area, and consider the city my home. When I’m not working, I love gardening, messing around on my computer, and playing with my two adorable cats. My girlfriend and I also love to cook in the kitchen, go to musicals/concerts, and travel when we can. The last place we visited was Savannah, GA which has a great mix of beautiful architecture (thank you SCAD), amazing restaurants, and is also one of the most haunted places in the country! I see a bright future with Web Manuals and am enthusiastic about helping my clients and team members succeed with our product for years to come!