Saving Time, Elevating Performance: Lupus Air Services’ Success with Web Manuals

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Saving Time, Elevating Performance: Lupus Air Services’ Success with Web Manuals

Lupus Air Services, a specialist provider of professional services to the Corporate Jet industry, understands the value of streamlining operations to save time and improve efficiency. That’s why Hamish Ross, Head of Training and Founder of Lupus Air Services, has been utilizing the Web Manuals system since the company’s inception. Since the beginning, the benefits of Web Manuals has revolutionized the way Lupus Air Services manages its documentation.

Before Web Manuals, Hamish had experienced the transformative power of the system in his previous job, where they transitioned from traditional Word documents and PDFs to an all-in-one digital solution in 2010. Recognizing the immense advantages it offered, when he started his own company in 2017, the decision to adopt Web Manuals was a no-brainer. Embracing the old way of managing documentation was simply not an option; signing up with Web Manuals became imperative.

One of the primary advantages of Web Manuals is its ability to reduce the time and effort required for documentation tasks, which are paramount in the aviation industry. Implementing a document management system that minimizes repetitive tasks and automates formatting becomes a game-changing asset, supporting operational efficiency in all organizations. Hamish explains, “It makes the editing, distribution, and control of documents so much easier.”

Web Manuals has developed software, especially for aviation professionals who need to create, edit and revise manuals when there’s always time pressure. The software empowers editors to streamline the entire process, saving a significant amount of time through smart modules and automated formatting sections. With over 150 features, making amendments to manuals becomes simpler and faster, ensuring that documents are constantly updated and prepared for audits.

The editing capabilities of Web Manuals are truly revolutionary. Hamish emphasizes, “The real game changer is the editing. Being able to produce a complete revision of a controlled document in about half an hour rather than a day is a major advantage (…) Manual editing is the killer function because automating all of the tracking, the revisions, page numbering, and page dating just makes life so much easier. Those days of Word and having to manually edit the list of pages and all those things from the bad old days are in the past. It takes care of that.”

The time-saving benefits of Web Manuals are evident in the daily tasks performed by air operators to maintain compliance. Hamish shares an example, stating, “The fairly simple manual amendment would take most of the day, whereas now I did one last year where the regulator demanded a change to the manual before we could start a course that afternoon. I did a complete final revision in half an hour and sent it to him from the Airport departure lounge.”

Compliance support

Beyond enhancing efficiency, Lupus Air Services places great importance on regulatory compliance. Web Manuals plays a crucial role in helping them meet compliance requirements for their clientele and assisting safety managers in staying up-to-date with the latest regulations. By connecting all manuals to specific regulations, Web Manuals creates alerts when changes are made and highlight their impacts on the manuals. This ensures that Lupus Air Services is always aware of the latest amendments and can distribute up-to-date manuals to their crew. The comprehensive software provided by Web Manuals addresses key operational challenges, ultimately increasing safety for Lupus Air Services’ customers.

Hamish further explains, “The compliance libraries flag up when things need attention as well as all the other inputs. We then distribute them out to all our remote people because it’s all electronic and some of the people who do training for us we’ve never even met. But we’re distributing documents easily with Web manuals, and it’s secure and we have confidence in it.”, concludes Hamish.

Lupus Air Services recognizes the immense value that Web Manuals brings to their operations. By leveraging the system’s time-saving features and automation capabilities, they have experienced substantial improvements in efficiency. Furthermore, Web Manuals’ seamless integration with regulatory compliance ensures that Lupus Air Services can consistently meet industry standards and provide the highest level of service to its clients.