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Web Manuals, the developer of knowledge management solutions for the aviation industry, is celebrating GlobeAir, the highly regarded European private jet operator, becoming the latest aviation business to sign up to the innovative, cloud-based compliance application for the aviation industry, Web Manuals 4 Draken.

Web Manuals Sweden AB provides the tools for end-to-end compliance automation by business jet operators, airlines, maintenance and repair organisations, airports and ground handling agents. The Web Manuals application enables the authoring, publishing, distribution and control of the entire manuals library – all in an easy-to-use tool, saving time and manpower while improving quality. Web Manuals 4 Draken ensures automatic highlighting of consequences of the continual updates to the EASA regulations.

Headquartered in Austria, GlobeAir is one of Europe’s most successful pioneers of the air taxi business model. The company operates a fleet of 11 Cessna Citation Mustang, achieving high levels of fleet utilisation in serving customers across Western and Central Europe. The introduction of Web Manuals 4 Draken marks an important step for the operator towards making its AOC management leaner for future endeavours. In addition, GlobeAir is the first business jet operator to start using the recently introduced EASA compliance libraries, a feature developed in cooperation with compliance experts AeroEx GmbH.

Martin Lidgard, CEO and co-founder of Web Manuals, says: “Web Manuals brings to business aviation operators the ability to achieve major efficiencies in document management, regulatory compliance automation and operational agility. GlobeAir, the highly regarded, successful innovator in European business aviation, are experts at using new tools to stay ahead of the competition. We are very proud to see GlobeAir select Web Manuals to align with the upcoming 2014 regulation changes while achieving considerable gains in operational efficiency. Together with our Swiss partner AeroEx GmbH we join forces in helping operators improve control and compliance.”

Joel Hencks, managing director of AeroEx GmbH adds: “The implementation of the new EASA regulation for operations before October 28th 2014 is a great challenge for all commercial air transport operators in Europe, and AeroEx GmbH is providing assistance in the preparation and implementation process, including the required manual revisions, using Web Manuals’ sophisticated platform.”

“To operate profitably, charter operators, like ourselves, need to seek out every opportunity to improve productivity. Web Manuals has clearly demonstrated its ability to automate regulatory compliance and simplify document management, creating maximum efficiency. As everything is getting more digital – the future really does lie in IT solutions – Web Manuals provides an essential digital tool for the business aviation industry, which is challenged by frequent changes to regulations while continuously striving to improve safety. Of course we are very proud to be the first business jet operator to use the newly developed EASA compliance libraries developed in collaboration with AeroEx. It will surely facilitate some vital processes for us” adds Bernhard Fragner, founder and CEO of GlobeAir.

Gerhard Klammerberger, Captain at GlobeAir and the project manager of the transition to Web Manuals 4 Draken comments:” For the crew, Web Manuals will be a great step forward. Having moved to a paperless cockpit early 2013, we have been able to experience the benefits of working with an alternate way of document management. The introduction of this newly released version of Web Manuals will help us become even safer and more compliant. Working closely with Martin and his team has been great and we appreciated them completing the transfer of our manuals in less than two weeks’ time.”

Visit GlobeAir here:

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