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Web Manuals Sweden AB and AeroEx GmbH announced the establishment of a strategic partnership. The strategic partnership with AeroEx will open new market opportunities for the Web Manuals application through AeroEx’s worldwide customer network, and will allow Web Manuals customers to ensure continuous EASA compliance through a compliance library maintained by AeroEx’s experts.

AeroEx to maintain EASA regulations in Web Manuals Compliance Library

Martin Lidgard, CEO of Web Manuals Sweden AB, explained, “The purpose of working together is to jointly develop the market for our market-leading Cloud application for digitizing aviation manuals. The Web Manuals application allows companies in the field of aviation to easily author and distribute their entire suite of documents, saving time and manpower. Our new Compliance Library service allows precise cross-referencing of manuals against regulations and standards, thereby ensuring compliance and control of our customer’s documentation and processes.”

Joel Hencks, Managing Director of AeroEx GmbH, stated, “AeroEx is assisting the aviation industry to

comply with national and international applicable aviation regulations and standards. In this

partnership with Web Manuals, AeroEx will make it easier for air operators, maintenance- and approved training-organizations to maintain EASA compliance with an always current Compliance


“As the preparation and updating of manuals is already part of our portfolio, we will now be able to provide faster and more efficient services to our clients. Furthermore, due to our network in the international aviation community, we shall contribute to the success of Web Manuals’ product in the market. We are proud to partner with Web Manuals Sweden AB to combine both companies’ expertise for providing the most sophisticated and efficient manual software and related services to our clients,” summarized Joel Hencks.