Get to know the new management crew


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Get to know the new management crew

Our Web Manuals family keeps on blooming and evolving. With the expansion to new markets and the constant product upgrading, it is inevitable to thrive as a team as well.

During the past few weeks, we have reorganized internally and we are proud to announce new strategic roles that will support our operations.

Middle Management Team keeps rising  

Florantony Mathieu is the new Customer Experience Manager in the US team

Flory has worked at Web Manuals since May 2021, starting as a Customer Success Associate. And now as a Customer Experience Manager, she will be responsible for the Customer Success and Customer Support teams. We now have a customer experience management structure that enables us to work more streamlined than before, which allows us to better focus on helping customers reach success in their organization.

Nick Karagiannis becomes Sales Manager in the US

Nick has been at Web Manuals since October 2020. His path started as a Business Developer Representative and Sales Executive and is now responsible for the growth of Web Manuals in the Americas as our Sales Manager, Americas.

Sofia Ekholm takes over as Customer Experience Manager in APAC

Sofia started in 2018 in sales development and has helped out supporting Customer Success. She will be responsible for the growing Customer Experience team in the Asia Pacific, as well as supporting Customer Success Representatives and onboarding new customers.

Jody Bright is the new Customer Support Manager

Jody joined the team in January 2020 and has been essential in the journey to scale our Support function and to continue delivering extraordinary high satisfaction to all our customers. She is taking over higher and more strategic responsibilities for supporting the EMEA team.

Booming Management Team

Sigrid Falck’s new role as Director of Marketing

Sigrid has been at Web Manuals since October 2016. Her journey started as an Event Coordinator and Sales Developer, and she quickly upgraded to Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Executive, and then onto Marketing Manager, getting the responsibility of building a Marketing team in 2018. With a special knack for marketing and communications strategy, Sigrid has been instrumental in making Web Manuals a brand worldwide.

Julia Larsson takes over as Director of Operations in EMEA

Julia has been at Web Manuals since 2016 starting in the Customer Success team. She later became Customer Success Team Lead, later turning into Manager, and then eventually became the cornerstone Customer Experience Manager she is today. Julia has played an essential part in building the team and strengthening customer relations. Julia is an outstanding professional with a large experience, and she will lift the EMEA operations to a new level.

Krister Genmark becomes the Vice President of Sales

Krister’s aim will be to coach our global team of Sales Managers and will drive improvement activities together with the whole sales organization. Krister will work with the Sales Managers to identify and pursue development opportunities for the members of the Sales team. Since 2016 his undeniable leadership skills have supported the team in innovating and escalating our strategy across markets.