Web Manuals: eVTOL regulations set to transform business aviation


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Web Manuals: eVTOL regulations set to transform business aviation

Published by: Rotor Media.

eVTOL regulations set to transform business aviation, says Web Manuals.

Las Vegas, USA, October 18, 2023: Sustainability, industrial electrification and advanced air mobility (AAM) are top of the conference agenda at NBAA-BACE 2023. New advancements in how sustainable aircraft and eVTOLs are regulated will have big implications for business aviation organizations.

Web Manuals, the world leader in digital documentation for aviation, is advising that digitalization is crucial to preparing the industry for ongoing compliance and ensuring safety in the face of changing regulations, as an abundance of new structures are forecast to fall into place over the coming years.

Krister Genmark, Vice President of Sales, says: “Further eVTOL and UAM developments are set to truly take off within the next decade, which will significantly disrupt the industry’s regulatory framework as we know it. While certifying these new aircraft is a unique and ongoing challenge for regulators, new processes and structures will likely introduce a minefield of complexities for all aircraft operators – old and new.

Krister Genmark, Vice President of Sales
Krister Genmark, Vice President of Sales.

“For those looking to maintain a competitive edge during this era of regulatory disruption, the value of digitalization has never been so exposed. With the ability to rapidly publish regulatory amendments, digital tools enable greater collaboration between regulators and operators, supporting the certification process for new aircraft. For existing business aviation operations required to adapt their practices to align with pending changes, being digital is key to moving the industry forward.”

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