Employees Updates Q1 – 2022

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Employees Updates Q1 – 2022

The growing Web Manuals team has included new roles and personnel to support all customers worldwide.

Xavier Chen (Business Development Representative, Malmö Office)

Xavier was born and raised in China and studied Languages and Translation Studies before graduating from the University of Nottingham, UK in 2017. His interest and passion for business motivated him to pursue a diploma in Digital Marketing afterwards. Prior to his employment at Web Manuals, he worked for a British Higher Education consultancy and an NGO which supports startups in southern Sweden. Xavier loves exploring different cultures through food.

Benedict John (Business Development Representative – Singapore Office)

Benedict was born and raised in Singapore. He graduated in 2020 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering. Benedict worked as a Technical Writer in both of his previous jobs and was responsible for software related product documentation, manuals and guides. He has always been interested in the aviation industry and traveling is a big passion in his life. Benedict enjoys spending time volunteering, playing the guitar and photography. Benedict is grateful and excited to be a part of the Web Manuals family.

Mikaela Holmquist (Content Transfer Associate – Malmö Office)

Mikaela was born in Prague and thereafter spent her childhood across various places in Europe and Asia, which led to a love for traveling. Her background is mainly within aviation; she has three years of experience working as a cabin crew based in Dubai, where she got to travel the world and collect memories for life. After that she moved home to Sweden to obtain her pilot license at Lund University School of Aviation. Mikaela now lives in Malmö and enjoys a good workout, spending time in nature and the occasional photography.

Annie Lönnberg (Event Coordinator – Malmö Office)

Annie was born and raised in a little village north west of Skåne called Hjärnarp. Before coming to Web Manuals she worked as a Marketing Coordinator at a Volvo reseller and before that as a Project Manager for Malmö Stads event-department. Annie lives in Malmö with her boyfriend and their dog and she loves (to eat) food, social activities and traveling. She is also pretty good at painting and does that from time to time.

Sai Sri Kosaraju (Developer – Malmö Office)

Sai was born and raised in India. She finished her Bachelor’s in computer science there in 2014. Then she met her husband who is working in Sweden and moved to sweden. In 2018, she finished her Master’s from Malmö university. Sai has a 2 years old baby girl. Sai likes photography and music. She is also very fond of visiting historical places.

Manuela Esposito (Customer Support Representative – Malmö Office)

Manuela was born and raised in Rome, Italy. She studied and worked there until 2013 when she decided to move to London. She went there mainly to practice the language and the initial plan was to remain for 6 months, but those became 8 years. Time flies when you have fun! There she met her Swedish husband and decided together to move to Sweden in 2020. She has a lovely baby girl. Manuela loves to dance, read, cook and travel. She is fascinated by different cultures and be surrounded by multicultural people.