Employee Updates Q4

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Employee Updates Q4

Cristian Opazo – Campaign Marketing Specialist (Malmö Office)

Cristian was born in Chile and came to Sweden as a small boy with his family. He grew up in “Norrland” and discovered early on his creative side. This led him to film production in his teens and 20’s, administrating a Youtube-channel, and finally finding his dream career in his 30’s – Digital Marketing. He has since worked with various digital marketing responsibilities, from advertising to content creation, but mainly Search Engine Optimization. Today, Cristian is super happy and excited to be able to combine his love for video production and online marketing as Web Manuals’ Campaign Marketing Specialist. During his spare time, he enjoys watching movies, playing Dungeons & Dragons, and spending quality time with his fiancé and their new born little baby girl.

Lydia Kaol – Business Development Representative (Malmö Office)

Lydia was born in Kenya and moved to Sweden about 4.5 years ago to pursue her Masters in Social Science. Before moving to Sweden, Lydia worked with various NGOs and with digital data management companies. She is super excited to be joining Web Manuals as a Business Development Representative where she will be a primary contact with prospective clients. When not working at Web Manuals, Lydia works with an NGO that she co-founded where she engages in various activities aimed at helping girls stay in school in the rural areas of Kenya. In her free time, Lydia enjoys reading books in the cozy Swedish cafes, watching movies and currently getting into crocheting.

Samir Diaz – Sales Executive (Malmö Office)

Samir was born in Colombia, he was adopted by Swedish parents in Malmö when he was 2,5 years old. Samir has worked in sales for over 10 years and has a big passion for sales. He is excited to start working for the sales team and the Web Manuals family. During his spare time, he plays football for a local team in division 3, coaches kids and youth in the same club, plays padel, coaches the kids in the local padel club and spends time with his 2 boys that are 6 and 10 years old.

Sara Momiroska – Part-time Content Associate (Malmö Office)

Sara comes from Macedonia, she moved to Sweden four years ago and continued her education in High-school and University. She is currently a third-year Computer Science student and she is highly driven to achieve new goals and develop new skills. Sara is excited to join Web Manuals as part-time Content Associate and bring her knowledge and skills to the Customer Success Team. Apart from work and studies, she is also a teaching assistant to young student who has exceptional IQ to help develop his programming skills. In her free time Sara loves traveling and enjoys movies.

Victoria Cassola – Product Content Associate (Malmö Office)

Victoria was born in Italy, where she lived until moving to Sweden 3 years ago. The reason that brought her to the North was her interest in pursuing her academic studies in sustainability. After completing her Master’s degree, Victoria was ready for the next adventure! Joining Web Manuals as Product Content Associate is a great opportunity for her to learn about a whole new field, and she is also excited to get more involved with the WM Foundation. In her spare time, Victoria loves to cozy up with a good book or TV show, and when the Swedish winter finally ends, she loves to hike and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.

Hexabel Hueso – Business Development Representative (San Diego Office)

Hexabel was born and raised in San Diego, California to Mexican parents. She went to university to get a bachelor’s in business administration with a minor in Spanish and an emphasis in French. She did a year abroad in México, which is where her passion for networking with people from all over the world began. Upon completion of her studies, she decided to pursue a career path where she could use her languages to the best of her ability. She wanted to find a career that would allow her to grow and continue networking worldwide; which is when she found her place at Web Manuals as a Business Development Representative. In her free time she enjoys watching a good thriller movie and/or a good stroll at the beach.

Elias Larsson – Digital Marketing Specialist (Malmö Office)

Elias was born and raised in the area of Malmö, Sweden. After achieving a bachelor’s degree in media and communication studies he started to work in the housing industry. After almost 3 years – mainly working as a Digital Specialist he felt that it was time to do something else and achieve new goals in another industry. This led to Elias joining Web Manuals and he is really excited to get started. Elias will be working as a Digital Marketing Specialist in the marketing team where he will manage the website and digital marketing. In his free time, Elias loves to do sports, travel, and use digital tools and technologies to explore creative ideas.

Tanya Mysak – Software tester (Malmö Office)