Customer satisfaction: Building a Web Manuals community

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Customer satisfaction: Building a Web Manuals community

Technological advancements have reduced the need for human input across most areas of life. Though many updates and changes are welcomed by most, or even go unnoticed, we know that enhanced systems improve our day-to-day lives, make tasks easier and save valuable time.

As advocates for digitalization, we understand the effectiveness of switching to electronic tools for help, yet that’s not to say we haven’t witnessed its imperfections. When things don’t go as planned, attempting to communicate with an online bot or being placed on hold following a series of automated telephone responses, can lead to a sense of frustration, particularly if your query goes unanswered.  

At Web Manuals, we appreciate the importance of human interaction when it comes to communicating with our customers. With more than 500 customers worldwide, our support team works to deliver a personalized experience that goes beyond simply resolving incoming inquiries.

Implementing a digital documentation library

Implementing a new company-wide system can be a daunting task. But even before prospective customers begin working with Web Manuals, our team will ensure frequent meetings to help tailor the onboarding process. Varying on the company type, size and how many users would utilize the platform, we work to customize the implementation phase in a way that best suits our client’s needs. Depending on the specific requests, communication throughout this period, and afterward, can vary from daily phone calls to weekly meetings.

Once the integration phase of our platform is complete, the Web Manuals customer support team is on hand 24/5 to answer incoming requests. This means that for 24 hours a day, Monday-Friday, a representative is available to resolve any potential issue or simply offer advice. With team members located across the globe in Sweden, San Diego, Singapore, and Australia, we proactively support our worldwide customer base.

Establishing a relationship with each of our clients is extremely important to us. Sofia Ekholm, project and customer experience manager, APAC, explains: “During the onboarding progress, we take the time to get to know our clients, assess their needs and long-term goals. During our regular customer success meetings, we assess the implementation phase, ask for feedback on how we can support their needs and if there are any system improvements we should prioritize.

“This allows us to better understand how the company and individual users engage with Web Manuals. We can then advise customers on how best to utilize the platform, highlighting key features to improve their overall operation. It also provides us with insights into how they work with regulators and if necessary, how we can help support the relationship. “With our long-standing clients, meetings have become a lot more personal, tailoring the agenda to align with their long-term business goals.”

Building a community

Every year, in multiple locations around the world, we hold our GO DIGITAL conferences. These events offer a meeting point for all members of the growing Web Manuals community. Collaborating on this scale has allowed us to build a system around the needs of our clients. In May 2022, our customer experience team scaled up this idea and organized the first Web Manuals World Tour. Following the abundance of virtual meetings throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, new industry hires and customer acquisitions, we wanted to meet face-to-face with more than 50 of our customers in 15 locations around the world.

The latest system update

Consistent contact and frequent client meetings mean that we gather thorough feedback on how to improve our system.

Jody Bright, customer support manager at Web Manuals, recently led her team in launching a new community forum, alongside a refreshed help center. The forum welcomes members of the Web Manuals community and encourages individuals to share knowledge, give ideas and ask questions to improve the Web Manuals customer experience. This could mean anything from sharing personal knowledge on interface capabilities, to introducing polls in which customers can vote on what areas of the product they feel need updating.

With access to a wide variety of customer insights, we recently made the decision to improve our platform, upgrading the interface to be faster and more user-friendly. Now available to all Web Manuals customers, our customer support team has been on hand to support clients as they integrate the new system update. Overall, the customer voice is central to how we operate and the growth of our business. By tailoring our approach and maintaining a relationship with our customers, we’ve been able to elevate our interface and shape a system around the needs of our clients.