Compliance Updates during Q2-2023

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Compliance Updates during Q2-2023

Great news for all our customers operating in the UK as we now provide UK Regulations! Our Compliance Library-offering has also grown larger for Canada and New Zealand.

This quarter’s biggest highlight was adding the UK CAA Regulations for Air Ops and Air Crew to our Compliance Libraries. This has been highly requested by all of you, so we are very happy to finally be able to provide these. During 2023 we will continue adding other parts of the UK Regulations as well.

Other libraries we are currently implementing are the Canadian Standards. We have had the Canadian Regulations available for a while but the Standards have also been requested which is what we are working on at the moment. 

For our New Zealand regulations, we added Part 121 and Part 125 to our offering, to support operators in the area with medium and large aircraft operations.