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Add-on Products and Services

Two new Sales Agent partners have joined the Partner Community during Q2 2022, broadening the scope of the Services available for our customers:

SAK Aviation Consulting 

SAK is an Aviation Consulting and Solutions Company offering a suite of professional solutions aimed towards the airline industry. With great experience in EASA and IOSA environment, we specialize in documentation control and management, compliance monitoring and flight crew training. 

Plus, SAK has an impressive experience of implementing and using the best of Web Manuals. 

Avison 360 Ltd

Based in UK, Avison 360 Ltd is an Aviation business consultant and IT services with a long track record of cost reduction and productivity improvements in large and medium airlines worldwide. Here are some of their expertises: IT Software, Airline Management, Airline Operations, Airline Crew Resource Planning & Management, Airline Ground Handling, Fuel Management, On Time Performance, Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), Programme Management.

Web Manuals Store

Web Manuals has a large network of industry experts, and we are working hard to make their services visible to our customers through the Web Manuals Store.

For Q2 additional experts have been added to our partner network and new store products have been listed.

New store products include:

New Zealand: Regulations 

Canada: Customized MEL Ce-560, Ce-680 and King Air 300

Do you have the need for a consultancy service or another type of product? What product would you like to see to support your operations? 

Please reach out to with any feedback!