Start-Up Siam Seaplane: investing in digital manuals from the start

Start-Up Siam Seaplane: investing in digital manuals from the start

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Start-Up Siam Seaplane: investing in digital manuals from the start

When you’re launching a new airline there is a lot to consider. From aircraft to runways, crew to aviation authorities as well as compliance and budgets. So it’s important to ensure that all of your staff are on the same page when it comes to safety and software.

That’s even more crucial in a pandemic, when some staff might be working from home, without a stack of manuals and operating procedures to refer to.

Siam Seaplane will offer travelers to Thailand a first premium seaplane service, to whisk them to waterfronts and beach resorts in comfort and safety. As the company planned for its first flights, the team opted to go digital from the start. It’s a move that’s not only saved them time but also money, says the Chief Operating Officer Lionel Vincent Mougel.

“Back when I was flying long haul for an airline I used a really nicely designed software for all my information and manuals. I was looking for the same modular application that was affordable for a start-up. When you’re starting out you don’t want to burn cash that you might need later, but I wanted to give my pilots the same access to updates and information I had when I was flying. I needed to make sure it was available for everyone involved in providing our service, from ground crew to engineers or any side of the operation so they could access it. Seaplanes are a very specific type of operation. You bring them into more demanding environments when you land on the water, so we have a duty to our customers to ensure safety is at the forefront of everything we do. Web Manuals will help us deliver that guarantee by ensuring a permanent and up to date access to any operational information needed to our staff”.

Siam Seaplane

Siam Seaplane might only aim to start with three planes before expansion, but having seen the benefit of a paperless fleet on a much larger scale, Lionel was impressed with the concept Web Manuals has to offer, and its ability to support the company’s aim of achieving an AOC.

“It didn’t take long for me to be convinced, so I jumped on a video call with my financial team and it didn’t take long to convince them too. We all realized that from the operational side as well as the cost side, it just makes sense. Web Manuals has provided tremendous support from the very beginning to help us set up the system”.

The airline was borne out of an idea between former military pilot friends five years ago as they sipped cocktails on the beach. Realizing that travel between island destinations can take time in Thailand they wanted to create a service that many visitors to destinations such as the Maldives take for granted.

“You can end up starting your holiday with a long journey. It also means that trying to organize a weekend getaway to some of these beautiful destinations is almost impossible because you can spend an entire day just getting there. Siam Seaplane will not only be beneficial for the connectivity but also for tourism and the country”.

With growth already in his sights, for Lionel having a sustainable and safe method to expand the company in the future is critical, whilst ensuring that all his teams continue to have the most up-to-date information and compliance.

“We have been developing our manuals for several months now and when you want to make changes it’s important that all the updates are reflected at every stage in a seamless operation. When some of my staff have been working from home it’s key that every development and review is captured and nothing is missed.

“We don’t want to see a redundancy of software in the future either, so it was important to invest in a program that would grow with us. We are also hoping that in the future the civil aviation authority (CAA) will be able to view our manuals to give them peace of mind. We may only be a small seaplanes company but we apply the same seriousness and safety protocols as the big airlines to lead us to an A* rating”.

After securing its AOC, Siam Seaplane is looking forward to carrying its first customers in 2021.