Emerson Flight Department streamlines workflow using Web Manuals

Emerson Flight Department streamlines workflow using Web Manuals

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Emerson Flight Department streamlines workflow using Web Manuals

Headquartered in St Louis, Missouri, Emerson Flight Department has been in service for more than 47 years and serves Emerson’s executives across the world, operating two Dassault Falcon 900 and two Dassault Falcon 7X. Emerson Flight Department also conducts maintenance in-house and, thanks to Web Manuals, has recently left the lengthy, labor-intensive process of manual revisions in the past. Instead, the company has opted to digitize its manuals, enabling flight operations to collaborate remotely, saving time while ensuring the company remains fully compliant.

Todd Hoisington, Director of Operations, Emerson Flight Department, explains how before using Web Manuals the company relied on a single employee to manually update their documents on Word. This involved a prolonged revision process each year which was time-consuming and inefficient, particularly as the manuals would then need to be printed and distributed in paper format. If any mistakes were spotted or further changes required, the whole procedure would have to start again.

Todd says: “Web Manuals has streamlined our workflow by making the process of reviewing, revising, and distributing our manuals so much easier. We can see statuses and push a revision out when they’re ready to go and get those approved, rather than having to manually revise a large proportion of the manual.

“It allows us to continue the workflow in an organized fashion and we can easily track changes. We used to have to go into the office and print all our manuals off, now we can manipulate documents online which also speeds up the approval process. This was especially valuable when the whole team was working remotely during Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.”

Todd Hoisington, Director of Operations at Emerson Flight Department,

Due to the global structure of Emerson, it is important for the company to put its manuals in front of employees across the world who are working in mobile situations. Todd explains: “Moving onto Web Manuals’ platform enables our pilots, who are physically removed from the office, to access the manuals via their tablets. Similarly, our maintenance personnel and administration can access documents with ease. They can search for a single word, and it will bring up the relevant manual. Using Web Manuals’ platform, information and updates previously lost in emails are now all consolidated in one place.”

Todd also praises the help and training which Web Manuals provide: “The product support has been phenomenal, the Web Manuals team were extremely knowledgeable on their product and always happy to help. I signed up for their initial one-on-one onboarding classes which were excellent, they have also supplemented their training with guidance documents and have a robust, helpful YouTube channel.”

Moving Emerson Flight Department’s documents online has dramatically improved its operational efficiency, allowing for more time to be dedicated to company growth and demands.