A Web Manuals Customer: Icelandair

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A Web Manuals Customer: Icelandair

First published: Aug 18, 2017

Icelandair a prominent player in the aviation industry, has found a valuable partner in Web Manuals, a Swedish company specializing in document management solutions. Icelandair was convinced of Web Manuals’ capabilities after witnessing numerous demonstrations and engaging in discussions with the company’s Co-founders, CEO Martin Lidgard and CTO Richard Sandström. The decision to choose Web Manuals was driven by the platform’s editing power, compliance assurance, and distribution control, all of which were crucial for Icelandair’s operational and management manuals.

Lidgard explains: “We’re naturally thrilled Icelandair has chosen Web Manuals after an intensive eight-company tender process. With Cloud-based HTML5 technology and an emphasis on creating a smooth user experience, the many benefits of Web Manuals including applications for both ipad and Windows electronic flight bags, was enough to convince Icelandair that we were the solution they needed.”

“Working with Icelandair has been invaluable in helping develop the product as it relates to larger, more complex operators. By sharing their vast operational expertise, it’s helped us to create the best document management solution available to small and midsize airlines.”

– CTO Richard Sandström, Web Manuals

Andri Áss Grétarsson, Senior Vice President of Operations at Icelandair, further explains the rationale behind their selection, “we chose Web Manuals because of the application’s functionality and user-friendly interface. The constant development and frequent changes to aviation requirements have created significant challenges in maintaining compliant documentation. Thanks to Web Manuals’ compliance libraries, these editing requirements will now be easily highlighted for our team to address.”

The partnership between Icelandair and Web Manuals dates back to 2014 when Web Manuals 4.1 ‘Eaglerock’ was implemented. This version allowed Icelandair to digitize and distribute a wide range of operational and compliance documentation to approximately 1,600 users across the airline. The transition to digital documentation resulted in significant time and cost savings, while also enhancing regulatory compliance.

Web Manuals has always prioritized customer feedback and collaboration, with over 50% of product updates and new features being inspired by customer input. The close working relationship between Web Manuals and its customers, including Icelandair, has played a pivotal role in the continuous improvement of the platform. The company actively seeks feedback and suggestions from customers, leveraging their vast operational experience to shape the product’s development. The annual customer GO DIGITAL Conference serves as a platform for fostering these relationships and gathering valuable insights.

Key product development

Evidence of Icelandair’s impact on the Web Manuals product is everywhere, from the Windows app to the permissions view, which is something clearly understood by Sandström, “we can’t imagine all the ways that our product can or should be used, so we take advantage of our customer’s vast operational experience and eagerly accept feedback and suggestions. Our product wouldn’t be nearly what it is today without the mutualistic relationships we have with our customers such as Icelandair. We will never stop improving the product to give our customers the most powerful and intuitive tool in the industry.”

The latest version of Web Manuals’ internationally trusted application was rolled out this summer to Icelandair to much fanfare. The release of the totally redesigned and highly anticipated Version 6.0 ‘Gripen’, along with a new release of the Windows app for Icelandair’s crews, was met with excitement from both parties. “We are already looking forward to 6.1 and can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on with all our customers that have spent so much time and effort with us at events like GO! in order to make their voices heard. Where does the product go from here? You’ll have to wait and see…”, hinted Sandström.

As Web Manuals and Icelandair continue to collaborate and evolve, the aviation industry can expect further advancements in document management solutions. The partnership between these two entities exemplifies the importance of customer-centric approaches and the mutual benefits that arise from such collaborations. With a focus on compliance, operational efficiency, and user experience, Web Manuals is poised to revolutionize the way airlines manage their documentation, setting new standards in the aviation industry.